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it does not stop

each year brings new excitements.  it might only be a slight improvement.  still it is better than it was.  the flower is a little bigger.  the plant is a little taller.  it is a solid red.  it is bud building.  that means as long as it is warm, there is enough rain, and the plant has enough nutrients that new buds form and bloom is extended.  and this is enough to be a good thing.  three images…

bud building

this is a seedling that has been blooming for several weeks.   it is a cross of Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly.  the bloom is in the 8 inch range.  and if you look closely behind today’s bloom you will see not just one, yet another bloom forming.  if you look closely at the base of the bud there is just the beginning of another new bud.  when a plant continues to add new buds – that is referred to as bud building.  if the temperature and weather remain favorable some plants will continue to add buds for several more weeks.  four images

13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly det 13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly scale


13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly  macro 13-0804-001 Talon x Wind Frills) x Birdwing Butterfly bud building



doing math in the garden

what goes into choosing a flower ?  the questions range from ‘how pretty is it,’ to ‘what is the baggage that comes along with pretty,’ to ‘how much pretty is it ?’  there can be more yet this is enough for tonight.  some flowers are stunningly pretty to the point that any other questions are just blown away.  some flowers have good baggage and others have not so good baggage that can tilt the considerations one way or the other.  or pull in opposite directions.  this flower may have a little of that two direction pull.  it just came out of the seedling bed, a place where there is a bit too much shade and all of the plants reach and lean towards the sun.  and this one may have a reason to lean.  it has a bloom count not often expected on a first year bloom, about 45 buds.  to put it in a few words – lots of potential and some watching and waiting to see how it plays out.  so enough words, pictures already.

sf13 11-021 Talon x Wind Frills ) x Birdwing Butterfly det branch sf13 11-021 Talon x Wind Frills ) x Birdwing Butterfly det

A daylily for a winter Monday

Today seemed to call for something a little different.  Something a little lighter than yesterday’s classical Greek fare.  Somehow I now find myself reminiscing the song “Comedy Tonight“.  So in the spirit of “No Trojan Horse” we will opt for something that is light and flits, or was that fits ?   The daylily that fits this bill tonight is Birdwing Butterfly.  Tall airy and light.  One that can be generally described as a blooming wonder.

Birdwing Butterfly