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too much

too much. too much rain. i suspect it might lead to too much bloom. will it be too much to see? even with the camera it might be too much to remember. however it will not be too much to experience. and it won’t be too much to remember small bits and pieces. the last several days two new flowers are opening each day. will this pace take us into full bloom season? the way to find this out is to take each day one at a time. till we get to too much bloom to count. and yes it rained again last night. so there are more rain drops.


shade removal

today seed planting was interrupted. it seemed a little late and still a good time to remove a large branch over the seedling bed. it mostly landed where it belonged on top of the unplanted seedling bed. the bed was raked and leveled before the rain came. tomorrow planting should resume. two new flowers bloomed today. the one that started the night before and this yellow one. the very last image is the flower that i thought might bloom first. ha. still it will be worth the wait…

trade offs and rationalizations

yeah we do that. all the time. one new daylily flower bloomed this morning. a second new one was starting to open at dusk. some are nocturnal bloomers. if i keep watching i might just notice things. i had not noticed this flower was nocturnal. looks like there will be more observation involved. cause sometimes things can be unpredictable. so a pink one bloomed this morning. the yard is full of scapes. they are green and blend right in with the background. lantana are starting to bloom. and today’s bloom has a flatter wider more open face than the yellow bloom. it used to be the individual petunias showed in the pot. now they are all growing together in a big mass of color. and lastly getting back to the pink and the yellow daylilies. the yellow bloom has more of a trumpet shape. guess which way we usually rationalize that. i guess we usually don’t see it from the side…


the other night i showed the seed planting list. there is another list. one of plants in the garden. it includes named plants and seedlings. except the only plants listing bloom size and scape height are named plants. i intend to start adding this information for seedlings this summer. a second daylily bloomed today. it is a mature plant so it has many flower scapes. three of the flower scapes bloomed. it is a seedling out of Stella’s Ruffled Fingers. trying to pass on the rebloom of Stella’s Ruffled fingers. the very small seedling is also descended from Stella’s Ruffled Fingers. right now it is only 6 or 8 inches 15.2 cm high. and its flower is smaller too. a hollyhock is also blooming. the buds on hollyhocks remind me of a geometric sculpture. enjoy


yes the first and only daylily to bloom this year is on its forth or fifth bloom. there is even another plant threatening to take away its only claim. eventually. maybe even tomorrow. until then some other flowers. and the current champ. we will start with what might be the door to the garden. it does have flowers around it. after two or three days if a bird or butterfly passes by and blinks we have less poppy and red snow on the garden path. two rows of seeds have been planted. the white labels are from old window blinds and mark the start of a new seed cross. except for the ones up front. they are crosses for very short plants. they might only grow 8 or 10 inches 20.3 or 25.4 cm high. the taller seedling would shade them out. so they are planted across the front of the bed. and lastly there is the current title holder. hopefully about to become an also ran amongst a large large host of competitors.


the larkspur images were not hiding in the car. they were hiding in the camera which was hiding in the bedroom. it has been found. sometimes the pink larkspur have purple freckles. yesterday this one had a purple streak. the planting list and the seeds made it out to the garden. the big garden ruler and the string were used to layout the plantings. two rows were planted. soon the rest will follow. tonight two flowers from last summer follow the seeds. some of their seeds will be planted this summer…

choose a block

don’t chews a block. it is bad for the keyboard. it leave chunky stuff all over. two rows of seeds got planted today. then other schedules happened. there are some pictures… in the car. the dog ate my homework and the car ate my pictures. now it is late and there were no new daylilies blooming. none. there was pink, purple, and white larkspur. and yes the images are in the car. bad car. good old pictures from last summer. old daylily pictures are good. watch out for bad cars.