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little beads of water. do they spoil a summer day ? or do they make you want to stay ? or do they just ruin the pollen ? and make for good pictures with the overcast sky ? a little of all so i say…


used to was

there is an old and not so old saying ‘turn on, tune in, drop out.’ it is a stretch to get from there to the rain drops. actually i can relate more to ‘and we got to get ourselves back to the garden…’ and that one is a still is.

let the words rest

the words can be minimized. like silence vision can quietly dominate the conversation.

little yellow flower

did a little weeding today. looking at the front of the house where the porch creates a little pocket of captured sun the small yellow species daylily is ready to bloom. perhaps tomorrow. usually the regular daylilies will start to bloom as these finish. so we are about two weeks from the beginning of the season. and there is great rejoicing.

title choices and bizarre inspiration

wordless days. poetry structures. bad movie background noise. blogger’s block. intermittent consciousness. multiple universes and infinite influences. and holding one’s head in the delicate state of a post assault of pan galactic gargle blasters. all of these are ways to pick or avoid a title and pack or de-prose those words. it is friday. so am i ending the week ? or starting the weekend ? or dodging a mind numbing movie ? lets not release the kraken. it is a good night to burst free the blossoms. present the petals. and nuture the nature. yes i have arduously gotten to the flowers.


i looked at wp themes today for themes compatible with one click enlarging of images. i think i will keep my dreaming confined to the garden. and see if i can hit the publish button hard enough to publish on a single stroke. maybe thor will lend me mjolnir. then again i would have to lift it. perhaps i will focus on the flowers instead…

do not

or do knot. yes knot. if someone picks up the tv control and looks like they might put on something that resembles some sort of guide to the galaxy for people who borrow a seat in your car knot their hands and the controller. to be on the safe side knot it with the battery out. it is patently dangerous. it has been known to dry the moisture off of daylily images. now some haste with moist images. and that very tricky maneuver of hitting publish twice. once before you publish and then again after you thought you did. there is an entire chapter devoted to this in the guide. though if you find it it will automagically be moved to a new and unindexed chapter.