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purple done well

there are other ways to play with the color purple.  some no doubt as pleasing or more to the spirit and to the eye.  still this one will keep me quite amused for a good long time.  i might just watch it for a while longer when this post is done.  a seedling of a Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake crossed with Smoke Scream.  two images…

breath of blue air x smoke scream macro breath of blue air x smoke scream det

one more and a lullaby

one last seedling and an Irish Lullaby.  that would be the common parent for the last several days.   there is a very pastel touch of color in Irish Lullaby and perhaps a touch more in the seedling.  three images.  first the seedling and last the parent.

12-130 Irish Lullaby x 11-0727-A Blast From The Past x breath of blue air x mascara snake  macro 12-130 Irish Lullaby x 11-0727-A Blast From The Past x breath of blue air x mascara snake det

Irish Lullaby det



purple again. seedling again

happy again.  a good thing again.  there is a flower to see again.  it is another day again.  so back to purple.  a couple of shades of purple.  and some darker veins.  and some white on the sepals.  all long and skinny.  two images … again.

boba x smk scrm macr boba x smk scrm det

smoke scream … again

i did say Smoke Scream is one of my favorite crosses.  so there may be more than a few seedlings to see.  this is one of them.  Smoke Scream x ( Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake )  purple on purple, can there be too much purple ?

sf13 smoke scream x (breath of blue air x mascara snake) det 2

Lullaby or dream gate ?

Irish Lullaby is one of many flowers in this garden that brings with it many dreams of what might be.  It sets quite a stage itself.  Late bloom when the others are mostly done.  A flower scape held high and a graceful bloom.  This is another of its seedlings.  It has been crossed with 11-07-27-A Blue Luster x Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake and it has given the seedling a bit of stretch.  A twinkling star this one might yet be..  Perhaps tomorrow 11-0727-A might have a post of its own.

12-150 Irish Lullaby x 11-07-27-A Blue Luster x breath of blue air x mascara snake det

fairly sure that’s not purple

most of the ‘ rules ‘ of what to do fall into the general folk lore category.  that would include flower color.  if you put together this color and that color you will get this color.  i don’t recall ever hearing a formula that was purple plus purple will give you white.  though some of the people were not surprised with the result.   after three years of looking at this seedling it still makes me scratch my head and wonder.   one of those questions is ‘ what will happen when i throw different colors in now with this white ? ‘  we will find out in time.

11-0727-A Blue Lustre X (Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake) det

here are the parents

breath of blue air x mascara snake n blue lustre sbs

hiding ?

Is this seedling hiding from the search engines ?   Or did I nearly post about it once upon a garden ?   It could be I need to go back to that place that rents out apprentices and see if they have any editors too.  Until then ( and most likely after then too ) I will just have to muddle along and look for pictures from the garden.  This one is a seedling of the diploid persuasion.  It is a cross of two other plants Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake.  One is an unusual form and the other is a spider.  Or to put it another way, one is twisty curly and the other is skinny.   The seedling does not quite meet the definition of either one, however it does not in any way stop it from being pretty.

boba x ms det


And that is good enough.

Bungee jumping in the garden

There are many things to be found and experienced.  Some are found all around the world.  And some are to be found all around the garden.  Put a seedling bed in your garden and watch the experiences begin.  Stir the genes just a little.  The number of combinations will surprise you and can take this flower in new directions.

Botanical bungee jumping and other garden thrills are there to be found.  They will send you soaring and pull you back for more.  They unfold each morning in the seedling bed.  Please keep your seat belt fastened until the ride comes to a complete and full stop.

Sometimes we go far to put something on the bucket list.  And sometimes something right here jumps on the bucket list and takes us farther than we could have imagined.  Both are very very good.

Launch point – a seedling crossed with a seedling from Breath of Blue Air x Mascara Snake.