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Charlotte’s brood

the hose caddy was a nursery.  most of the nursery was moved to the Canadian Hemlock tree  and the hose caddy has made its crumbling way to the trash heap.  of course it was quite a pleasant surprise to find Charlotte’s brood there on the handle of the hose caddy.  i have no idea what variety arachnid Charlotte was.  you can make your best guess from the image what her brood will become.   i am not an arachnid expert.  other than knowing that they are welcome and most definitely belong in the garden.  we are about two miles south of lake Erie.  that means there are an abundance of insects that live around the lake.  and unlike the deer there are an abundance of predators to feast on this bounty.  arachnids, odonates, chiroptera, and avians the list goes on and on.  this morning i saw a very slow predator in the garden.   a leopard, just not the kind you might suppose.  it is a limax maximus.  all part of the garden.  a healthy garden.  my kinda garden.  so without further ado Charlotte’s brood.  i hope to see a few of them later in the season.  and if they should make you cringe remember they are a part of the package.  so just take a step back and enjoy them from a safe distance.  and if you find yourself thinking this list is harmful please take a moment and take a careful look at the alternatives.  and reconsider…

charlotte macro charlotte's brood charlotte's shadow puppets


bronze in the garden.  iris may burn quick in the garden.  this one glows brilliantly as it goes.  the texture of this flower is just incredible.  it is the answer to a most unusual question… ‘who would buy a brown flower ?’   having seen this flower the answer becomes obvious.   i believe the word is enjoy !

brown iris petal macro brown iris det_2 brown iris macro pollen

It is almost pic-a-nic time !

Soon it will be time to enjoy a picnic… a Teddy Bears Picnic.   

Daylily, brown and purple, tetraploid

Teddy Bears Picnic


There are not too many rules when it comes to naming daylilies.   And obviously some people decide to have a bit of fun when they choose a name.  A trip into the garden should always be fun – seriously!

Just remember the tea party with Alice and the March Hare and then try to blend in as you join the pic-a-nic.