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lets start with a little butterfly an then a daylily…



the work of putting the garden to sleep for the winter continues. most of the plants have been moved. and the rest of the garden is being cleaned. daylily fans are cut short. these and other plants residue are being added to the compost piles. two are full to the top. before the third one can be filled the compost must be harvested and tree roots must be trimmed back from the edges. the harvested compost has been moved to the storage bin. that was today’s task. it is empty now. tomorrow will be time enough to trim the roots. the rain decided that for sure. there are a few daylilies still blooming. with the cooler temperatures they can take two days to open. the temperatures also can prevent them from fully opening and can also change their color. Galaxy Explosion is a bright orange in the summer. now it is a ruddy pale red. the black walnut has shed its leaves. and stepping back a week or two a butterfly from warmer days…


so do butterflies consider it a lunch break ? some of the zinnias have a light lavender ring where the petals meet the flower. i guess they have several ways to glow. and a daylily…

things to see in the garden

there was a butterfly on the lantana.  all black wings with big white dots.  the body was mostly black to except for two white bars on either side of the head.  and golden hairs on the legs like a bee collecting pollen.  it is an eight-spotted forester.  of course there were a few flowers too…

16-077 14-102 Nate x Sky Captain) x Coho Mojo

14-155 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret ) x 12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

home of the hungry butterfly

we had a visitor in the garden today.  a swallowtail butterfly.  swallowtails are on every continent except Antarctica.  i am glad this one stopped to dine.  evidently daylily nectar is on the menu.  this seedling passed one very important test.  three images

hungry swallowtail feeding

hungry swallowtail

hungry swallowtail macro

daylily replacement therapy

What do you do when the blooms are gone?  For one thing don’t rush to clean the garden.  The spent scapes have a purpose.  They make a wonderful landing zone.

scape with butterfly  butterfly with scape det