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something flustered

executive directives ?  or is it executive hate ?  withdrawing FEMA and the military from Puerto Rico.  withdrawing payments to ACA without a care to the people who will be hurt,  Are Voldemort and the death eaters really fiction ?  i weary of the constant administration of hate.

where to journey

where will you and this flower journey ?   hybridizing a flower can be compared to writing a book.  or going on a hike.  choices and directions are made.  sometimes it is something new and adventurous.  sometimes it is something old and seemingly safe.  safe until you step around that bend and see a totally different path than the one you expected.  things change.  sometimes it is because we want to change the shape of a petal.  or because we want to tell a tale with a completely different message.  the path seems similar until we reach that different destination.  have you changed something ?  arrived at an unfamiliar destination ?  told a new story ?

orange-seedling-img_9237-det orange-seedling-img_9237-grdn orange-seedling-img_9237-macro

a red seedling

one that may not be back next year.  it is a simple seedling in an open star form.  it is one that could be explored and crossed.  and if there were a little more room here that just might happen.  and who is to know what might be found on such a journey ?  i doubt that i shall ever know.  the odds for this one here are low.  it is in a side garden on the far side of the house.   most likely another plant that did not quite get selected will take its place.  still it is quite the pretty thing.  just not a pretty thing that will stay here long.  change is a part of this garden.  actually a part of most gardens.  and change can be embraced and enjoyed too.

red seedling open star det

a mohawk and a tatoo in the garden

i look at this flower and one of the things i see is a two tone mohawk and a tattoo.  and part of me says don’t go there.  another part of me looks at the observation and says perhaps this is a part of the function of gardens.  they can serve as a reminder that diversity and change are important.  and  that cookie cutter familiarity is not only boring, it does not meet every need.  if that answer does not sit well take a good long look at mother nature and see if her answer does not include diversity and change.

purple and white iris macro purple and white iris det