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garden walk

in oh so many ways.  like double check this.  is that the correct marker flag ?  well that this is the case here.  what is this flower ?  then there is the garden walk cleveland.  it will happen july 7 and 8.  i will get to walk my garden repeatedly with clevelanders.  hopefully this flower will still be blooming and will have been successfully double checked by then.


it is late and someone needs to find a picture.  it is also late  in winter and it is time for a thaw. so lets try not to think too hard about it.  if it was warmer we could go to the garden and unwind.  since it is winter we will look at pictures and unwind.   tonight we will do the official garden monitor check.  no calibration.  just a monitor check.  one of the flowers is pink.  the other is lavender.   enjoy the flowers and then make a March monitor check somewhere.  even if it is just an imaginary check.   enjoy.  two flowers – one image.  check !

Irish Lullaby pink and lavender

PS – there are extra points awarded if you see pink or lavender snow persons melting in the background.  and do not look too hard unless you are using your imagination…  check !