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when i step into the garden for a few moments i can step away from the insanity of the world.  i wish that would work here.  it does not.  in the same way guns in schools do not.  that situation never works.  it has been most painfully demonstrated too too many times.  perhaps if we could hire a fleet of tow trucks to pull congress off of the teat of the nra we could make a start.  the metaphor may sound strange.  and somehow it is the reality we must begin.  unrestrained juveniles with guns is a reality we need to change.  there is a big big difference between a well regulated militia and the unregulated madness we are suffering.   maybe if we start making america sane again we might work our way to great.  because where we are now is anything but great.  these few flowers cannot begin to ease the pain we are suffering.

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the care free garden

i do not want one.  a care free garden that is.  i am beginning to think it is nearly impossible.  the garden should be a place where we can go to forget about problems.  there is no garden big enough to cause problems to be released.  when half a world away more than 100 children are killed the cares are too loud to silence.  there is no room for the hate that has harmed these children.  there is only room for prayer for the families that have been hurt.  prayer to walk away from hate.  start the prayer…

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