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patience grasshopper

did i say that the time between the first early bloom and a steady beginning of bloom is the longest time of the year ?  well just in case i did not let me whine and reiterate.  we are still waiting.  other flowers are getting closer to joining the show.  just not close enough.  so back to last year’s pictures.  this is Chinese Temple Flower.  it has what is known as an applique eye.  like it was painted on.  when you turn around leaving the pebble in my hand i will know the garden is in bloom grasshopper…  two images

chinese temple flower macro chinese temple flower det


Chinese Temple Flower

daylilies do what flowers do.  they bloom.  they look pretty.  is there supposed to be something else ?  i see no reason to make it more complex.  the gentleman that named it no doubt thought it was pretty enough to adorn a very special space.  and while i cannot argue that point i find any garden a very special place.  Chinese Temple Flower…  two images.

chinese temple flower det

chinese temple flower macro

less ambiguity

As I slowly realize that my photos of Bill Munson’s flowers have some gaps, I find one more that is in reach.  One called Chinese Temple Flower.

chinese temple flower

It is certainly beautiful enough to grace a temple.  And it has produced several other daylilies.  One of them is John Karl Seager.  Perhaps you can see the resemblance?

cmpr ctf jks

And the difference ?  That is part of the thrill of growing daylilies.  Crayons for progressing extended children to be used in the full sun.  Notice I refrained from using the A word.  Gardens are for the children in all of us.  So make it 9 blooms until spring.