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it is a lawn.  it is not just grass.  and i like it that way.  we don’t use chemical additives.  and we really don’t bother fertilizing either.  mowing will control the lawn.  and we enjoy a blend of other plants.  so we do not panic at the sight of dandelions, violets, or clover.  and while it is not the first it is one it is a forerunner.  the season of little white and pink lawn flowers is upon us.  and the bees will be happy to find them.  and i will be happy to see the bees working the lawn.  it should be more than a path between the flower beds.

clover det clover macro

Daylily dose

How many daylilies are too many ?  That could be a good question.  Then again the alternate question could be how much lawn is too much grass ?  Given the general lack of clover, dandelions, and other blooms in the lawn I will gladly drift back to too many daylilies.

The reason for this consideration ?   Well are there enough daylilies here for a post every couple of days ?  Preferably a passably interesting post.  There should be, there is enough material at hand.  Over the past several years about 500 named  plants have made their way into the garden.  Mostly these are plants that someone else has grown and registered with the American Hemerocallis Society.   Beyond that I seem to have imagined that I too can dab pollen.  So there are some 5 years worth of seedlings and even a few registrations growing here.  Without trying to spend too much time counting lets just put the all together number somewhere about 1200.  That should be enough to keep anyone occupied.  Of course this year’s planting would not be blooming for a year or two.  So the leaves only about 800 that should bloom in a season.  Still perhaps just perhaps that might be enough.

Now if I could just take enough pictures and keep them organized  in something less than a computerized haystack all will be well.

So is there a daylily dose for today ?

Prissy Frills registered back in 1981 by Frank Childs

And there you have it – unequivocal proof.  One picture is worth a thousand words.

Tomorrow perhaps (not) the musical question ‘do I have a daylily problem and where can I get more… room to plant some more ?’