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orange for tonight

Coleman Hawkins an orange for oranges.  with a bit of Desert Icicle, Eggplant Ecstasy, and Dallas Star around the edges.  if  it were not for this picture someone would have forgotten one of these plants bloomed this year.  and that is a horse of a different color and a discussion for another evening.  four images…

coleman-hawkins-img_0858-grdn2 coleman-hawkins-img_0857-macro coleman-hawkins-img_0857-det coleman-hawkins-img_0857-grdn


Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins

it looks a lot like the parent Coleman Hawkins .  except it has Freak Show mixed into the plant.  so it is not the same.  that similar thing again.  two similar.   three images…   Coleman Hawkins is first and Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins is next.  the seedling has a stronger midrib.

freak show x coleman hawkins macro 10-096 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins det

coleman hawkins sbs freak show x coleman hawkins

some one has to do it…

the things that go through a gardener’s mind.   sometimes when you cross one plant with another you look back and wonder if you have got yourself ( and the new plant ) to some place a little different.  has anything changed ?   well the obvious answer is yes – most likely the genetics have been stirred, even if the child plant has not fallen too far from the form and looks of the parent plant.  the other half of the answer is – make that next cross with the child plant and see if the next generation still looks the same !  often that next generation will tell a new story.  maybe just a little different, still it is different enough.  so here is a seedling and the second picture is the parent and the seedling side by side.  first the seedling Coleman Hawkins x Coburg Preview and the second picture Coleman Hawkins alongside the seedling.

10-098 Coleman Hawkins x Coburg Preview det

coleman hawkins sbs 10-098 coleman hawkins x coburg preview



yellow seedling

yellow – all yellow.  and all seedling.  a cross of two seedlings 13-066 12-0727-003 Monster x seedling lavender branch x 10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins.  nothing like a little paperwork and notes to take some of the mystery out of it.   fortunately the bruise of notes does not really change the flower…  two images…

13-066 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch x 10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins macro 13-066 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch x 10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins det



just faint

the flower please.  not your reaction to said flower.  this is a case of first year and maturing.  a flower in its first season can be faint, of color that is.  strong enough to bloom, yet not strong enough to bloom at its full potential.  and perhaps not even at its full potential.  such may be the case here.  there are traces of pigment.  will next year’s bloom  season bring a fuller richer color?  or will it remain a pale petal with a hint of pigment ?

11-008 cr ch x nt x mnstr

for those of you curious about the name of this plant, it is one of my seedlings.  the number is 11-008 and the cross Coburg Preview x Coleman Hawkins) x ( Night Town x Monster   stay tuned for breaking updates…. in another 6 or so months.

some buds some blooms

This is a pair of buds getting ready to bloom and then blooming on the following day.  The seedling cross is Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins.  And they make a nine inch bloom.

10-098 buds det


10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins det

Moving Day(s)

Auntie Shrew just ran though hollering ‘Everyone must git from the meadow!’  Well it is not exactly moving day – more like moving days.  As it is going to take some time to clear the select beds  and seedling beds.  De-selected plants need to be moved out.  And room needs to be made  for this year’s selects.  And the survivors of the select bed need to be lined out for one of the more crucial tests.  Will that double fan multiply ?  And will that bloom be pretty enough to catch anyone’s attention.

This is one of the select beds.  It has been cleared of last year’s plants.  Some of the new selects have been planted and there is room for a few more.   So look out Auntie Shrew moving day is not over.  Even if this is not the meadow.

And next summer there will be a few more of these blooming here.

Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins