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let the columbine grow wild.  after a few generations the long spurred columbines are replaced.  and they do what they want to do.  this one is kind of white with a blush around the edges and decidedly double.  the daylily is Mildred Mitchell.  four images…



what am i waiting for ?

well now that there have been some daylilies bloom what comes next ?  waiting and some more waiting.  the peony will bloom.  lupines will bloom.  and the columbine will continue to bloom.  and eventually… eventually… yes eventually the other daylilies will come into bloom.  so a columbine bud from this year and Rory Gallagher from last year’s daylily bloom…  three images

columbine purple bud IMG_7490

rory gallagher det IMG_3373 rory gallagher macro IMG_3373


our columbines slowly work their way back to their natural form.   the long spurs are replaced by shorter ones and they gradually abandon the hybridized form,  they may be a short lived perennial,  individual plants seldom last more than two or three years.  and that is okay, a little change in the garden each year is a good thing.  three pictures.

pink columbine det pink columbine macro petal pink columbine macro

granny’s night cap ?

one of the names of this flower is granny’s night cap.  aka columbine.  a graceful flower with spurs.  they self seed in the garden and make for a nice bloom between the tulips and the flowers of summer.  a flower with 5 spurs that will get you hooked on its beauty.  enjoy.   oh one last thing.  daylilies are not the only flower full of surprises.  the last two pictures show a little bit of green where you don’t normally expect to find it, right in the middle of the petal.

columbine bud macro_2 columbine bud macro

columbine det columbine purple det

columbine purple columbine petal macro

Not waiting, Not panicking, it is time for more planting !

This is a no waiting, no panicking garden.   You can text if you want to.  Just don’t get any of that texting radiation on the flowers please.    The iris are blooming, and the lupine are making spikes.  The columbine have their spurs on display.    Yarrows are opening up their flat purple blooms.   And the climbing rose has decided it is a good day to bloom.  A very good day to bloom.Joseph's Coat climbing rose

Stella’s Ruffled Fingers is sending up a bloom scape, though the bloom is a week or two away.  She is not to be out done by her seedlings.   All four of the seedlings have flower scapes growing in the sun.   The bloom will come when it is time.bloom scape

Yet this is not a time of waiting.  There is plenty to do.  Two old seedling beds need to be cleared out.  They need to be prepared for seed planting.   And the final seed sorting needs to be made.   The choices need to be planted.  And the rows labeled.    When that is all done and even a few annuals are planted, then, perhaps then Stella, her of the Ruffled Fingers  and her clan will be ready to take center stage.columbine spurs