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this isn’t Ada

It would appear that there is a metaphysical twister out there somewhere.  and this post got drawn into said twister.  now if everyone will just hold on I will try this again….  and if you get lost close your eyes and click your heels together three times.  four times if three does not work.  now where we ? . . . .

Ada Kansas that isn’t to be precise…  it is only fitting that a seedling that traveled from Ada Kansas to Cleveland Ohio have a traveling name – or history.  the seedling is a cross of Starman’s Quest and Stargate Portal.  if those are not traveling names nothing is.  this is the second year for this plant here in the garden.  it has grown taller, about 4 feet tall and the branching is pretty good.  and the flower size is good, about 6 inches.  this year it send up a rebloom scape and that is why it is still blooming.  today’s bloom also happens to be a poly.  and from what i managed to count it is an odd poly.  at least the stamens are an odd count.  there are at least 8 petals and sepals.  and there may be an extra petal or sepal hiding.  though i would rather enjoy the flower and not the destructive counting contest.  and there are 9 stamens.  and if you look at the macro of the petal you might be able to see where the shadow creates a line where the diamond dusting stops.  some daylilies sparkle in the sunshine, aka diamond dusting.  so here is the flower.  three images.  enjoy.12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal det

12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal macro petal12G-003 Starman's Quest x Stargate Portal macro stamenl


a confused dance

that would be me.  confused.  there are daylily scapes all over the garden.   each day there are several, many more.   in not too many days they will start blooming.  for now there seems to be one plant blooming and you have already seen Knower Spider.  and no matter how much i enjoy seeing it bloom it just might be a bit too much to repost.   i am beginning to think that most of the daylilies will bloom in a week and a half or two weeks.  it was mostly a cool spring.  so i should stop expecting early.  even if a few daylilies ignored the cool.  the rest will bloom when they are ready to dance.  that does not mean i will stop looking each day.  it could be the dance is in my blood.  so what have we skipped ?   there is the bloom, the mature bloom of the wisteria…   three images…

wisteria vine


wisteria cluster det wisteria bloom macro

new faces

The whole idea of seedlings is new faces.  Things you are not familiar with, things imagined and things imagined not.  All emotions are possible any morning that I walk into the seedling bed.  Surprise, wonder, awe, and confusion.

Sometimes they all come at once.

Today was no exception.  The first day for a new face.Now there are days to get to know one another.