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Critics Choice.  it is an older flower from 1977.  it grows to a nice clump of fans.  and puts on a very nice display of blooms.  and for that reason alone it will continue here in the garden.  though i might be tempted to use it again in some crosses.  four images…

critics-choice-img_9951-macro critics-choice-img_9951-det-2 critics-choice-img_9951-det critics-choice-img_9950-grdn

that silly time after a picture is found

there could be a reason for the dawdling.  i have no clue what it could be.  so enough dawdling  a seedling… 12-040 Critics Choice x 11-004 Olivia’s Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker.  two images

12-040 Critics Choice x 11-004 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker macro 12-040 Critics Choice x 11-004 Olivia's Opera x SH B110- tet skinwalker

critics choice

the listing says – rose pink with a yellow green throat.  and that does seem to match.  though looking at the picture there is an orange of peach blush to the throat here.   Critics Choice   three images

critics choice IMG_9388 critics choice det 001

critics choice macro


sometimes it is good to watch.  sometimes there is more to see.  this is a seedling that i am still watching.  watching for several reasons.  one reason, it is a first year bloom and that is reason on its own.  another reason this bloom started with a somewhat unusual color, mostly a creamy white with a reddish eye.   and another reason is to understand it in terms of its parents.  tonight we will turn it around and start with the seedling.  the flower first, and then a close up view of its petal.  and lastly we will look at the parents.  the colors of this one are speckled.  it gives the flower a blush.  towards the end of its bloom the colors took on a darker hue.  yet it did not quite loose the speckles.  so the watching to see what the colors will do next year is in order.

sf13 11-008 Critics Choice x (Night Town x Monster) det

sf13 11-008 Critics Choice x (Night Town x Monster) det petal

critics choice  apotosaurus sbs

the parents of this seedling are Critics Choice a tall pink 6 inch flower and Apotosaurus an even taller plant at  48 inches with a 6 inch flower.   Apotosaurus  can be brownish or a murky red.  So perhaps that is where the seedling picks up its coloration.  next summer more will be revealed.

don’t think too much – just enough

Gardening should be fun.  At least that is what I keep reminding myself.  So I try to keep things as simple as they can be.  Though they are not always as simple as I would like.  There are 18 species of daylilies as of 2012.  They have been crossed together over the years to bring out certain traits.  Seldom has that been for the ease of hybridizing new daylilies.  So some crosses just turn out to be difficult.  Some plants just do not want to go together.  Or they turn down a different road than the one you thought you were on.  I like the branching on Critics Choice and the strong growth habit of Apatosaurus.  So they seem like a good choice to bring together.  Here are the parents

crt chc x apoto sbsand this is the seedling…

11-008 cr ch x nt x mnstrIn a couple of years I will find out about the branching abilities and growth habits of the seedling.  And in that time I will have a chance to see what directions the color and form of the bloom will go.   For starters a pale blossom with just the hint of an eye zone was the last thing I was expecting to see from this cross.  So think I must, and I will try to keep it just enough to get to the next step.  And a few notes perhaps – to cut down on that rethinking part.  After all this is supposed to be fun.

the choice of a gift

or the gift of a choice ?  Today’s flower is another from the gardens of Bill Munson.  Each season a daylily grower makes many crosses and the following season plants many seeds.  And then a few seasons later the grower gets to make just a few choices.  The grower looks for something new, or something old, or something that perhaps has not been enough to attract another flower grower’s attention.  This flower is named Critics Choice.   I guess that makes me a critic, because this flower has become my choice.  A very lovely gift from the garden of Bill Munson.

critics choice

critics choice plantCritically speaking make it an even dozen blooms till spring.  This flower could do those dozen blooms all on its own.