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and we move on

today’s flower is brought to you by the letter d.  it is also brought to you by this garden.  it was grown and named here.  it is called Dark Counterpoint.  like all flowers it is many things.  it is a slightly unusual color combination.  the skinny petals in back are darker.  mostly they would be similar shade to the main flower or are lighter than the front set of petals.  and the colors can change from a reddish purple to a silver and purple combination.  four images…

dark counterpoint IMG_1487 det dark counterpoint IMG_1964  dark counterpoint dark counterpoint nods sale macro_1

now this

now a cousin going the other way down the street.  same parent as last night’s flower.   except now we are adding orange as the other parent.  and painting with genetic material does not follow the rules on the color chart.  four images…

14-017 Bagana x Dark Counterpoint

14-017 Bagana x Dark Counterpoint

14-017 Bagana x Dark Counterpoint det 14-017 Bagana x Dark Counterpoint macro

14-017 Bagana x Dark Counterpoint macro_2


gardening can be a what if experience.  what if these two flowers are brought together ?  i wonder if that question is part of the dance those bees do before they leave the hive or fly to the next flower ?   three images.  the parents Black Plush crossed with Bark at Me.  and the results a flower know as Dark Counterpoint.

black plush x bark at me sbs

dark counterpoint det dark counterpoint macro


behind the face

often i look at a plant and wonder what is behind that face.  two plants can look so similar on the surface, yet the next generation of each of them can go in completely different directions.  knowing the genetics of the parents can lend a clue.  and at the same time that knowledge does not reveal the genetic diversity that can spring out in the coming generation.   so looking at what appears to be a familiar face does not mean the flower is going to travel down a familiar road.  the notes on this seedling are sparse.  the description of the image was posted from memory.  the face supports some of that memory.  and the knowledge that another seedling with that cross traveled in another direction.  what path awaits this seedling.  Bark At Me x Black Plush.

sf13c unknown or Bark at Me X Black Plush det

red and black

this is a dark seedling.  two dark flowers brought together.   Dark Counterpoint crossed with Nyiragongo.  one named for darkness and one named for a molten volcano.  the result in this case is more darkness.  first the seedling and then parents

sf 11-067 Bark At Me x Black Plush) x Nyragongo det

nyriagongo dark counterpoint sbs

stirring the cauldron

Grey Witch, a cross of Trahlyta x unknown was yesterday’s flower.  You might be asking why Id care that its parents were Trahlyta and unknown.  And why oh why either of us should care.  Well to be honest sometimes I ask too.  And other times I do care.  If only to be able to mostly answer the question “what did you put into the soup ????? ”   I do cook like I garden.  Recipes are okay.  But if you don’t experiment you really cut down on the surprise factor.  And at a young age grandma Helen did show me how she cooked.   Sans recipe does work quite well thank you.  Now back to the cauldron in the garden.  A pinch of Grey Witch and a dash of Dark Counterpoint and here is one of the seedlings that sprouted.

Grey Witch x dark counterpointAnd while I do list the parents that I do know, I also remember that it is just as important to stir the cauldron and to include that pinch of parent that is “unknown”.  Shadow or no, mark this day one more closer to spring !

Other vintages

Black Plush is a parent for 43 other daylilies.   Three of them grow here in our garden.  Eggplant Ecstasy, Android, and Dark Counter Point.  Android is new here and I am just beginning to explore some of the possibilities.  There are seeds waiting to be planted from this year’s crosses with Android.  Eggplant Ecstasy has many seedlings growing here.  This is just one of many.10-006 Talon x Eggplant EcstasyDark Counterpoint is a daylily that was grown from seed here in my garden.  It is a cross of Black Plush x Bark At Me.  It is one of those daylilies that does not fade.  It does the opposite.  It usually gets darker over the course of the day.Dark CounterpointWith daylilies the first taste does not take as long as wine.  They can be sampled often during their second year.  And they do improve with age.


I need to get back out and dig in the mud.   The thunderstorm is past and there are new daylilies to plant.  More than I am quite ready for.   Some old lawn is about to become garden.   Then there will be room for another 25 plants.  Yes I have a problem…..

But it only bothers me when I run out of lawn to remove….

Here is a link to a lovely new plant that has appeared in the seedling bed today… ( insert traditional exclamation here… and capitolize and bold of course )

deep breaths and exiting to the garden… gotta go !