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get ready

today was a get ready for the weekend day.  a bunch of odd jobs.  water the pots.  and harvest more seed pods.  so now it is time for more images from that day in july.  and the day of that folder is about done.  so tomorrow it will be the next day in july.  we will wrap up with a tall hollyhock.  not everything is daylilies…




it is getting closer to planting days.  so today was a good day to pick up some of the things that get added to each planting.  compost is ready and waiting.  i still need more peat moss, fertilizer, and a natural plant growth hormone.  the natural growth hormone is alphalpha.  pellets made from the alphalpha plant.  so those things are now ready.  more seed pods were also harvested.  there are still some more plants to remove.  so a couple more days of plant removal and pod harvesting and that digging guy can finally get to work.  now back to those pictures in july…

Truchas Sunrise

little spots

today i divided and moved this plant.  it is a little plant.  you can see it is next to a pot of marigolds.  both of them are about 16 inches 40.6 cm tall.  the flower is somewhere in the 3 inch 7.6 cm size range.  based on my very imprecise counting the plant bloomed from the beginning of june through the beginning of august.  it may be longer and for now two months of bloom is a good start.  it is one of those little spots in the garden that should have a sign – keep an eye on me…

14-005 Stella’s Ruffled Fingers x Plenteous

14-005 Stella’s Ruffled Fingers x Plenteous

empty spots

today was for making empty spots.  the garden is full.  somethings need to come out before new things go in their place.  so today was for making empty spots.  plants on their way to somewhere else were dug out.  a couple more days of this and there just might be enough room come moving day.  now back to flowers from the past july…


it was a mostly cloudy day today.  it pretended to rain and it was so light a rain nothing got wet.  collected a bunch more seeds.  and counted roughly how many more pods need to ripen.  a lot.  there are something like 100 seed pods waiting to harvest.  and since i was making crosses up until a month ago the pods could take another month to finish ripening.  ideally it would be nice to wait until all the pods are harvested before moving a plant.  and i can work on those that are clear of pods.  and be very careful on the ones i am forced to move with pods still on them.  afterwards i weeded the seedling bed.  they were planted late at the start of august.  germination has been sparse.  and it will be interesting to see how they fare this winter.  sometimes you just have to try and see what happens.  better to have some plants than no plants in the seedling bed.  now some more pictures from july…

10-115 Trahlyta x Black Plush

43 you and me

more flowers from july

the monarchs may have been in the garden today.  i was not except for a fleeting look.  even though it was a gorgeous day to spend time in the garden other events kept me busy.  time with our oldest granddaughter and a first birthday party for our niece’s son filled the day.  so it is a good day to go back again to that day in july.

13-101 Birdwing Butterfly x Gudrid

14-063 11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers) x Lullaby Of Birdland)

14-066 12-0707-001 Orange Spider x Poultry In Motion

free range monarchs

flutterbyes a name that perplexes the spell checker and beautifies the garden.  no reflections from july today.  today is today.  i am sure many have been to butterfly enclosures where you can experience them up close.  today high court was held in the garden.  no enclosures.  no special releases by zoo keepers.  today the monarchs feasted on wild aster.  it has been permanently declared a non weed.  the 5 or 6 monarch butterflies have declared it so.  and who in their right mind could argue ?  they danced on the air and feasted on the flowers.  and that is why i venture into the garden.  i even managed to take a few daylily pictures.