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mud and math

well the mud is definitely part of gardening. moving plants tends to be spring and fall activities. and while fall can sometimes be on the dry side that does not mean the moving is done before that changes. at one point or another the mud becomes unavoidable. and one just does their best at getting in and getting out while making the least amount of mud. math is not often considered part of the garden activities. and still it is there. genetics quickly turn to math. it quickly turns to listing the known or imagined qualities and mapping the possible combinations of two plants. it looks simple looking at a couple of traits. unless you are trying to change several traits at once. or if you are dealing with a tetraploid or hexaploid plant. which means the number of chromosomes is double or tripled. and the mathematical possibilities starts getting really interesting. and the garden space to plant all those theoretically possible combinations gets challenging too. fortunately for me i tend to plant only 5 seeds out of each cross because that is about all the room i have. if it a diploid with 22 chromosomes or a tetraploid with 44 chromosomes i still plant 5 seeds. and often i get plenty of variety from those 5 seeds. plenty of red headed stepchildren so to speak. these two seedlings came out of the same cross. different colors. a little different height. and different qualities to the shape and length of the petals. after all who wants boring when they are playing in the mud …


simple keep it. and leave yoda out of this too. this flower is usually tall about 40 inches 101.6 cm. and it blooms late in the last third of daylily season. it may have had a not happy with this summer reaction. i seem to remember it not reaching its normal height. something to watch in the plant evaluation.


flowers don’t engage in commercials like financial advisers. if they did or this one did it might sound like this. when blossom whispers gardeners listen. and this flower has an extremely soft voice…

14-0725-002 Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream

the list

do cross list. not as in pick a fight. as in this flower has potential. as in don’t let this flower get away. it is tall somewhere about 38 inches 96.5 cm tall. it is a 6 inch 15.2 cm bloom or there about. and it has a bit of pinch twist and curl – movement. now to find some likely candidates for crossing next summer.


some would say one is done. and the other just begun. one is just blooming. the other is a faded bloom. still is faded done ? not always. sometimes faded leads to ripening. to seed scattering. and so much more…

too weird

yeah too weird. the question is too weird to touch ? too strange to experiment with and find something new ? or too weird not to investigate. so weird one cannot walk away from the opportunity. then again that has always been the issue. how does one recognize opportunity ? is it so unusual that it must be categorized as ugly ? or does one need to look to bring out the beauty ? the contest continues day to day. there will always be something that we do not quite understand. something we need to seek. a chance to comprehend. is there too much green in this flower ? or not enough in a better dispersion …

over the fence

this flower stands above the fence. tall and with skinny petals. and lots of color in that skinny space. it works. the second plant struggles along. daylilies do not do variegated foliage very well. usually one of two things happen. either the lighter portion of the leaf comes and goes of its own whim. or the plant struggles along and does not grow much. this plant is finally sending up a second fan. perhaps just perhaps it is out growing its struggles…