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coulda, shoulda, did i

going through these pictures in winter takes me to wonderland.  not the winter wonderland you might be thinking of.  more the wonderland of did i flag that one ?  where is it in the garden ?  and not that i refer to them as babies just to borrow a phrase… is that baby going to get thrown out with the bath water ?  looking at the pictures now it is easy to make decisions.  looking at green leaves, more green leaves, and even more green leaves come spring and early summer puts one in the old head scratching posture.  is it this set of green leaves or that set of green leaves that belong to that pretty picture from last winter?  you know the one that i really really want to save.  now if i only knew.  sadly this is not a new knowing problem.  when they do bloom and i do know i will finally know if i chose wisely or that i know too late and too little where to look.  now where was that pun that goes here ?

14-118 10-051 Walking the Pattern x Asterisk ) x Skinwalker

16-000 Mildred Mitchell kid




if you check with mother nature the garden is supposed to be a tumult.  if you don’t believe me ask any gardener who has stepped back from the garden for a time.  blink and nature goes back to what it does best – chaos with a colorful plan.  a tumult.

11-1205-003 Diabolique x Smoke Scream) x sib

story or picture ?

unless this is wordless wednesday.  or wordless any day words might matter.  i could start with the image.  or i could start with the words.  if the past is any indication i just about always start with words.  so whether it happens or not i seem to be leaning towards a story to go with the pictures.  i was tempted to go with one picture and many fragments of it.  i will not blame the picture i just wanted to get done today and not make it too labored an effort.  the could be about the light playing on the yellow flower.  or the shades of red playing in both light and shadow.  it could be about flowers with a background of green leaves.  or an orange flower sitting in a black background.  or a brown flower with gradations of red, yellow, and orange.  the garden is a lot like the city in that respect.  there are a thousand stories.  it just depends which one is chosen.  and how well the words and the story go together.  when i do decide to tell just one.  and make the parts as interesting and lively as possible.  unless i happen to know you just could not handle one more bit of excitement that day.

11-058 Nutmeg Elf x (Little Rainbow x Talon

13-097 Volcan Fuego (Talon x Smoke Scream)


what is busma ?  someone said it is a whole bunch of karma that comes all at once.  hmmm time to go directly back to the flowers.  time to step into the garden.  why the garden ?  is it running to nature ?  away from civilization ?  maybe.  or maybe it is taking time to look at civilization in a different way.  careful.  if you look you might be doing that.

13-0702-001 Smoke Scream x Diabolique

we won’t even get into what happens if the garden you look at is different too…


the image numbers on these pictures are a history of my footsteps in the garden last summer.  the path followed the morning these pictures were taken.  a bit of a winding path, not always one plant next to the other.  some where passed over buds a day or two awaiting bloom.  others passed as they had bloomed the day before and now had withered and melted.  some skipped because of distraction or fascination with another flower.  so there are many factors that determine the direction our footsteps take.  is a straight line a mark on a map ?  or is it other factors that determine the moments and path of our day ?

12-118 Diabolique x Purple Satellite

14-012 12-042 Irish Lullaby x ((Bark at Me x Black Plush) x Grey Witch ) x Venus of Willendorf

14-021 Dark Counterpoint x Purple Satellite

14-079-B 12-110 Anna Mel(NR) x Coburg Preview) x (B110-A Tet Skinwalker) x Morticia) x Apatosaurus

14-156 12-140 Grey Witch x Walking The Pattern) x Skinwalker

it is just ink

ink from yesterday’s flower that is melting.  they are daylilies and they last one day.  except when they get in the way of today’s picture.  then i move them out of the way and clean the ink off my hand by wiping it on the grass.  just one more thing to slow me down during the golden hour.  yes it is terribly rough work.  taking pictures of pretty flowers and wiping the ink from yesterday’s pretty flowers off my hand…

10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream

12-131 Smoke Scream x Swamp Apparition


take me to your nectar

you have a leader.  that is nice.  take me to your nectar.  focus ?  camera ?  smile ?  nope no time for any of that.  just need nectar.

14-115 10-045 Talon x Give Me Eight) x Skinwalker

14-115 10-045 Talon x Give Me Eight) x Skinwalker