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compost for moving day

moving day is coming.  more like moving days.  plants will be moving.  the garden game of musical chairs is starting.  and when the music stops a plant better have a landing spot.  before that happens compost and peat moss need to be ready.  so today a finished compost pile was emptied.  and stored in the holding bin.  and now there is a nice empty compost bin for all the scraps and waste as plants are moved.  and a place for lawn trimmings to go.  it was a hot sunny morning for moving compost.  then the weather changed.  the sky darkened, the wind blew, and there was just enough time to harvest today’s batch of seed pods.  this morning while it was still cool enough there was time to cross two plants that are short pink and like to rebloom.  one is a seedling from Stella’s Ruffled Fingers and the other is Plenteous.  they must like to rebloom since it is almost september and they are blooming again.  hopefully crossing these two will produce plants that have even a stronger rebloom habit.  if the cross takes the seeds should ripen near the end of october.

What those bees do

Since we have seen the seed bed I though we might work around to the complex subject of where daylily seeds come from.  There are no daylily storks.  At least none I have ever seen.  And actually I do not think bees are the primary pollinator of daylilies.  Now days it just might be gardeners.   And this is what they do.  The daylily has stamens that hold the pollen.  There are usually six of them.  And as the day progresses the pollen capsules open and the pollen dries out to become light and fluffy and ready to come into contact with the pistol.   The pistol is the long tube that transports the reproductive cells to the ovary – which will become the seed pod.  When the daylily is ready to be fertilized there will usually be stigmatic fluid on the tip of the pistol.  The pollen is brushed onto the pistol.  If things are right and the seed pod starts to grow the ovary will start to swell. In a few days when the dried blossom falls off there will be a small seed pod growing.  Otherwise if there is no fertilization, both the dried blossom and the ovary fall off .  Most daylily crosses involve two separate blooms.   Crossing a plant to itself  is not often successful.  In a month to two months the seed pods will ripen and start to split open revealing the black jewel like daylily seeds.  Did I say this was complex?  I must have left off the music and candle light.  Sorry.

pollen n pistol

Lastly this is our stunt double daylily that stood in for the close up shots,  Articulate.

articulate det

Treasure: Buried and found

Lots of old metal has turned up in the garden.  Old buried pipes, rusted tools and other junk keep coming up when planting holes are prepared.  Occasionally a treasure turns up.  It makes digging all those holes worth while.

This is an 8 inch bloom.  It is on a two year old plant.   This one will stay in the garden.

Gold daylily seedling Tetraploid

Of course that means I will have to keep burying these little black jewels too.

I might just be able to cope with that kind of exchange…..