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one star two star

today they can be counted.  when midnight comes to the summer garden neither the stars nor the summer flowers will be counted.  tonight’s flowers are Delta Force and Redskin Walker.   three images…

in time

the garden is opening.  not all at once.  in nature’s good time.  one or two flowers at a time.  one or two pauses at a time.  Delta Force two images…

delta force img 8021 macro delta force img 8021 det

too much hurry

not me.  the flower.  this is Delta Force this morning.

delta force macro delta force det


not bad looking at all.  except this is not the usual Delta Force.   this is what it looks like on an average day.

delta force det01 summer

and this is what it looked like at the end of today.  as you can see the petals are already shutting down.  part of the normal shut down of the flower.  just several hours early.  there was no rain today and half and half cloud cover.  if you look at the morning image the petals look under developed.  tonight it looks like this…

delta force det02 eod

at some point i expect the other blooms will  take on their normal look.  meanwhile the columbine are doing their thing…

columbine purple deep in the foliage

more moving

another five plants moved today.  slowly the old seedling bed is being cleared.  and soon a new crop of seeds will be planted.  a walk around the yard revealed more plants coming into bloom.  dianthus, iris, and lupine are in flower.  and flower scapes are starting to appear on other daylilies.  Paper Butterfly, Delta Force, and Isolde all have flower scapes growing.  and at the moment Delta Force seems to be in the lead.  then again i just might not be looking in the right places and some other flower scape is just waiting to surprise me.  until then another flower from last summer – from a garden in Lebanon Ohio.  a seedling.  a skinny seedling…  two images

vod spider sdlg macro vod spider sdlg det

time again

this flower blooms early in the season.  it has been a while since this picture came around.  and most years when i look at this flower i keep thinking that there are no seedlings here from this flower.  perhaps next  July that minor fact will be remembered.  perhaps…  Delta Force an 8.5 in 21.5 cm bloom.  two images

delta force det delta force macro

Garden force

When they are blooming each flower is a garden force.  A force of beauty and wonder.

Take time to enjoy one.  Let that beauty and wonder become a force in your life.  Let it be a reason to set aside or an aid to unwinding your pains.  It is not a cure all.  It will not magically erase all pain.  Though it just might allow you to come back with a broader perspective.  It can be a step in coping and achieving balance.

Delta Force – one of the forces that blooms in the garden here.  Until next summer this image will have to do.