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more moving

another five plants moved today.  slowly the old seedling bed is being cleared.  and soon a new crop of seeds will be planted.  a walk around the yard revealed more plants coming into bloom.  dianthus, iris, and lupine are in flower.  and flower scapes are starting to appear on other daylilies.  Paper Butterfly, Delta Force, and Isolde all have flower scapes growing.  and at the moment Delta Force seems to be in the lead.  then again i just might not be looking in the right places and some other flower scape is just waiting to surprise me.  until then another flower from last summer – from a garden in Lebanon Ohio.  a seedling.  a skinny seedling…  two images

vod spider sdlg macro vod spider sdlg det

the patterns of pinks

dianthus are blooming here.  they are a little flower with a big pattern at their heart.  they come in a multitude of shades of red, pink, and white.  and they come with a toothy little edge.  their other name is pinks.  … or so me thinks…  now quit that rhyming and i mean it…  has anyone got a peanut ?   three images

dianthus det IMG_7771

dianthus edge macro dianthus macro pollen


more other flowers

Two new plants arrived in the mail today from Minnesota.   They are planted tonight.  Three or four days bare root in the mail is long enough to wait for planting.  They can survive far longer like that, though it sure does not make the recovery any prettier or quicker.  It may seem like a strange way to treat a daylily, especially an expensive daylily.  It does work.    More flower scapes are appearing day by day.   And a couple more sorts of the seed list and I will be ready to plant this year’s daylily seeds.    Mean while other things are blooming.  Dianthus and Lupine  are blooming away. 

dianthus wht lupin dethe


The edges and patterns in the dianthus are fairly amazing.  

pnk dianthus det