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crashed sleigh

well another overloaded sleigh (poetically speaking) crashed at the foot of the younger granddaughter’s tree.  presents suitably strewn for the morning’s impending chaos.  until then here is a picture of an almost twin to the seedling from two nights ago.  a bit paler yellow.  a bit longer petals.  just a bit different.  another step in the garden.  another day in summer remembered.  another day closer to spring.  another day to be patient for those many more days until spring.  three images…

rajah-x-purple-satellite-img_1850-macro rajah-x-purple-satellite-img_1850-det rajah-x-purple-satellite-img_1850-grdn

dawn til dusk

Stuff happens.  Some stuff you grow to expect.  Then you see something different.

Daylilies do enjoy surprises.  Go figure.

This is the same daylily.  Morning image, late afternoon image, and a close up.

The name is Pigment of Imagination.  Kinda goes with the territory.

In time we will get used to it.