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cryptic note

there was a cryptic note from someone claiming to mn indicating there were unused words available on the floor and it might be in my interest to give it another try.  fortunately it is late and the pictures are already on the page below.  so i will gladly take any advice i can get.  i did tie a rope around my typing hand in case the ice is thin and i fall into that metaphorical pond.  i will just stop in front of the first flower a seedling.  call it a pastel pink.  a plain simple flower needs little else.  it can hold me watching any sunny day or months later on a winter night slowly warming into spring.  it is still there in the garden holding its own while several others have a note saying ‘move out to make room’.

12-0802-001 Moj Maly Marika x Olivia’s Opera

sceaming and dreaming

what will i plant next spring ?  well there is a little of that.  most gardeners plant seeds to grow plants.  for me it is the other way around.  mostly i grow plants to make seeds.  so i choose the plants with a thought to the seeds they might make.  so i look at the plants i have.  and i look at the seedlings that have grown.  and what few new plants i might want to add.  which plant might bring what quality to the mix.  and how they might be combined to bring out something new.  because even little steps little bits of new eventually add up to something newer than expected.  often it can take two or so generations to see that change mainly because miracles and such take a little longer.  so the dreaming and sceaming go on and on.

14-155 12-133 Smoke Scream x (11-0730-A Desert Icicle x Autumn Minaret ) x 12-050 Rajah x Purple Satellite

more from last summer

can spring time start with the dreams of last summer ?  can we set off on roads untraveled ?  delayed.  held in suspension by a time called winter ?  i believe it can.  then again dreams are wispy things.  here hold this.  if you can.  seven images…

14-111 String Chess Incident x 10-026 Highland Pinched Fingers x Colberg Preview

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream


shades of orange, red, and yellow.  it is not all that different than other seedlings.  still it holds promise.  it carries the genes of its parents.  possibly a new combination that can go long skinny petals.  so i dream.  three images…

14-066 12-0622-001 orange spider) x Poultry In Motion

14-066 12-0622-001 orange spider) x Poultry In Motion

14-066-12-0622-001-orange-spider-x-poultry-in-motion-img_0581-det 14-066-12-0622-001-orange-spider-x-poultry-in-motion-img_0581-macro

oh type

translated by Gandalf it might be run you fool of a Took.  however and whichever way too it is good advice.  this is the next generation.  yesterday’s plant is one parent.  and this is one of its children.  so it goes from that color to this.  and yes knowing still fascinates me.  now run you fools – before the goblins take over…   sorry mostly in dreamland…  four images…

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker IMG_2210 macro2 14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker IMG_2210 macro 14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker IMG_2210 det

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker


a dash of chaos

pardon my misguided optimism.  there is a slight miniscule imperceptible chance that it is more than a dash of chaos.  i try to keep track of what plants and seedlings are in the garden.  and what plants have made it here to the blog.  there are plants that manage to evade that purpose.  when they are found they hopefully make their way here.  such is the case tonight.  Chesapeake Light has been here a year or two.  and if it is not too crowded by its neighbors and it is taken with our garden and clime should grow taller than that fence behind it.  it should also have more branching and flowers than it has shown in its short time here.  these are ifs that may come to be.  and not completely influenced by the plant.  my crowded garden and the northern Ohio climate do have an influence.  so we will watch what Chesapeake Light does in the coming years.  and think on what might be a good cross.  perhaps Starman’s Quest would combine to make some very interesting seedlings.  the two plants share some physical traits yet come from different genetic lines.  i will have to put that note into the anti-chaos note storage unit for next summer.  three images…

Chesapeake Light grdn IMG_0910 Chesapeake Light det IMG_0910 Chesapeake Light macro IMG_0910

confusing year

we had a long cold spring… so how did we get here so fast.   our spring has finally turned warm and the daylilies are hopping on board.  how they caught up so fast i do not understand.  there are probably a dozen plants in the yard with scapes coming up.  soon they will be blooming.  this is the third daylily to bloom here.   soon i will blissfully loose count.  this daylily was introduced in 2003.  It is called Knower Spider in honor of one of the hybridizers who created it.  looking at this daylily the eye pattern extends way into the petal.  it makes me think what might be if it were crossed with another daylily that would put a little more into that eye zone.  while i am dreaming of things that might be, this daylily is 8.5 inches across, 21.5 cm.  three images

knower spider det knower spider macro petal

knower spider scale IMG_7777


an orchid like daylily and a seedling

Yesterday’s post was about a daylily name Orchid Majesty.  Today’s post is about dreaming.  Daylilies are about many things.  Beauty and its characteristics is one of those things.  What aspects of Orchid Majesty’s beauty can be explored and perhaps be taken in a new direction?  Perhaps this next seedling would be a good match with Orchid Majesty?  The pattern of color in the throats of both daylilies might just combine and come out the better for it.  Or they may make a surprise revelation with a totally new direct.  Sounds like a possible mission for next season’s hybridizing.  And a world of dreaming until a new batch of seedlings bloom in a couple of years.  Are dreams growing in your garden ?

orchid majesty det  bejeweled x model in red

Orchid Majesty                                        seedling Bejeweled x Model In Red