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?  SOCWAT ! ? ! ? !   to those without a glass of cider nearby the loose translation is stream of consciousness wednesday almost thanksgiving.  followed closely yet loosely – please note the spacing – by somewhat puzzling and interspersed emphatic punctuation.  when in doubt at these moments a well delivered gotsundheit is always in order.  strange words and a sneeze have just enough in common that the response carries the strange moment.  so you are probably wondering if there is a flower – specifically a daylily in all of this.  as a comical rabbit once said ‘its a possibility ! ! !’   hmmm have we drifted from strange punctuation to strained ?  and can you use the lines on cellulose sheets to strain punctuation ?  and having strained the letters from the punctuation sure you can make alphabet soup and throw those punctuations on emphatic dramatic marks onto the compost heap of literature.  so almost thanksgiving.  do find something to be happy and grateful tomorrow and everyday.  and if you are desperate find a flower and give it to someone.  or somethree or sometwenty until you are as thankful as they are.   hmmm flower oh yes…  three images that bear a slight resemblance to an image of water lilies .  so does this mean we have drifted from a SOC to a pond of consciousness ?  well as long as we are conscious it is not mean at all.  now on to those images…

unknwn-prpl-monet-img_0238-macro unknwn-prpl-monet-img_0238-det unknwn-prpl-monet-img_0238-grdn

and yes Dan I was too close to the edge.

living on the edge

well that’s a good start to move in any one of six or sixteen different directions.  the edge of summer ?  the edge of the daylily petal ?   coming back to the same flower too soon ?  or showing two different flowers in one post and risk running out of images during the off season.  or go really over the edge and admit there is an off ( finite bloom) season.   or really really over the edge and make a non-affirmative statement about Tinker Bell.  that might be too far for even me…  now to those alleged flowers whose ephemeral existence cannot be extended by affirmative statements.  let’s go with two different flowers on the same day, Good Rockin Tonight and Unique Purple.  One is tall and red and the other is short and purple.  One has been here a good while and the other is on its second year in the garden.  both still hold my attention fairly well and there is still much to learn about both of them.  especially what sort of plants that might come from using these plants in other crosses.  Good Rockin Tonight is the tall and red.  would it be too much to ask for Unique Purple to be purple ?   could that tingling be my sense of edge ?   or the scotch ?  ( that was not dry humor…)  four images…

unique purple macro unique purple det good rockin tonight macro good rockin tonight det


find a picture.  wake up repeatedly to late night tv.    demonstrate extreme dedication.   yes that is irony talk for fall asleep again.  finding a picture is tougher than it sounds.  finally get around to some typing.  somewhere in there make sure some time has passed since the picture was last seen.  add pictures.  declare a victory of sorts.  oh and resort to somnolence without said electronic device.  two images .  Salem Witch.  PS – do not try this somewhere where you do not want to wake up….

salem witch det salem witch macro




one more

there is another blooming still that i did not name last night.  i have a steel trap that is a lot like a mind.  just not precisely like one.  and yes rusted.  whether it is rusted shut or open is another matter.  let us get back to the naming.  this one blooms without competition in the front yard.  an oldie called Glittering Gift.  it is a 5 inch 51 cm bloom on a short plant.  it will have several more days bloom.  perhaps you may see why it was named so.  four images

glittering gift macro

glittering gift edge macro

glittering gift det

glittering gift


More Bubbly Please

It could be New Year’s day.  Though it is not.  And an anniversary it is not ( thanks Yoda ).

It is a couple more daylilies with edges.  Bubbly edges – some say like ‘chicken fat’.

One in peachy shades and another in purple.

 Ed Brown

Just As I Am

So if you like this look enjoy.  If not in a day or two look for another flavor of daylily.

With daylilies comes variety – the spice of life..