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orange for tonight

Coleman Hawkins an orange for oranges.  with a bit of Desert Icicle, Eggplant Ecstasy, and Dallas Star around the edges.  if  it were not for this picture someone would have forgotten one of these plants bloomed this year.  and that is a horse of a different color and a discussion for another evening.  four images…

coleman-hawkins-img_0858-grdn2 coleman-hawkins-img_0857-macro coleman-hawkins-img_0857-det coleman-hawkins-img_0857-grdn

not what it looks like ? ? ?

or is it ? ? ?  if you are thinking this plant is out of Trahlyta, well it is a good guess.  just not a first generation seedling.  this is a little flower.  a seedling from a cross of a short dark flower Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret.  the seedling took most of the plant habit of Autumn Minaret.  it is a late season bloomer.  it is tall, more than 48 inches 121.9 cm.  and it is a small flower about 3 inches 7.6 cm.   and there the resemblance stops.  the flower opens  flat like Eggplant Ecstasy instead of the more trumpet like shape of its other parent.  and the pigment of the flower is dark.  so neither plant completely wins in the contest of the seedling.  the garden however does win…  two images.  and yes – Eggplant Ecstasy is from Trahlyta.

Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret macro Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret det

still blooming

the tide is turning.  the wave of bloom is receding.   the crest is past and bloom is rapidly winding down.  many plants are down to their final or last few blooms.  and this cycle repeats every year.  still the blooms are to enjoy while they last.  three images…

13-007 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite- - orchid macro 13-007 10-086 Eggplant Ecstacy X Fol De Rol ) x Purple Satellite- - orchid det 13-007 10-086 Eggplant Ecstasy x Fol de Rol x Purple Satellite -- orchid side view IMG_5191

pick and pick quickly

some days it does not do to dwell too long selecting a picture.  this is one of those days.  just about any flower will do as long as it is quick.  this is a seedling from a few years ago.  one that surviving the selection process.  the cross is Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy.  both parents are dark colored flowers.  and so is the seedling.

sf13 10-006 Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy  det

more smoke

this is a seedling of Smoke Scream.  it has a dark purple eye zone and smokey grey purple petals.  the sepals are a more solid purple.  it is a first year seedling, so it may change and mature a little different from how it looks now.  the full cross is  Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy) x (10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream).  and this is the flower.   more smoke, more purple.

sf13 12-091 10-006 Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy)x(10-089 Diabolique x Smoke Scream) det


what more seedlings ! ? !

Yes.  More seedlings.  They have not all opened yet.  Even though the early and mid season plants are finishing up, the late and very late season plant as just starting.  That includes seedlings.   This one has been blooming for a bit.  I finally think I lined up the name tag buried down in the foliage with the right plant farther down row.  Chaos can temper excitement, well just a little.

Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret) x Give Me Eight det_smll

Eggplant Ecstasy x Autumn Minaret) x Give Me Eight.


a seasonal contradiction

“a trance or trance-like state in which a person transcends normal consciousness” that certainly is not what I normally associate with winter.  Ecstasy is perhaps the furthest from the winter state.  Confinement, frustration, and cabin fever yes, that would be the norm.  Combine that with one of the least favored vegetables and we begin to approach the heart of this chilling contradiction.  In what inconceivable way could a seedling named for the mostly resistible and ill-favored vegetable eggplant turn the tables and dive into the unexpected pleasures ?  It will give me something to ponder and carry my mind away from this cold and desolate clime.   Take a look and I hope enjoy,  Talon x Eggplant Ecstasy.This seedling of Eggplant Ecstasy may very well take me one more day towards spring.  And again day by day this summer have me in personal ecstasy in of all places the garden.talon x eggplant ecstasy

Daleks, temporal distortion, and winter…Oh my !

Yes this time of year can be the awkward part of the continuum.   Cabin fever and catalogs and knowing this is just the first of several thaws to come before spring is really on its way.  The daleks, the temporal distortion, and winter can be outlasted if only in small doses.

In the mean time this will serve to distract the daleks aim and my ability to focus on crystalized hydrogen dioxide.

Eggplant Ecstasy x Fol de Rol

Another seedling from Fol de Rol, this one crossed with Eggplant Ecstasy.

Where to now Ace ?

Not the Tardis.  Let us to the direction of the garden, even if only its digital moments.

For now the supply of Prague Spring x Fol de Rol seedings are exhausted.   Eggplant Ecstasy and Fol de Rol is an entirely different matter.  This is a seedling in search of a name.  It has the look that can make a Tardis make an unscheduled if not a timely visit.  One that will leave a pale spot in the verge.  And make one linger at the edge of pretty.egg x x fdr

Other vintages

Black Plush is a parent for 43 other daylilies.   Three of them grow here in our garden.  Eggplant Ecstasy, Android, and Dark Counter Point.  Android is new here and I am just beginning to explore some of the possibilities.  There are seeds waiting to be planted from this year’s crosses with Android.  Eggplant Ecstasy has many seedlings growing here.  This is just one of many.10-006 Talon x Eggplant EcstasyDark Counterpoint is a daylily that was grown from seed here in my garden.  It is a cross of Black Plush x Bark At Me.  It is one of those daylilies that does not fade.  It does the opposite.  It usually gets darker over the course of the day.Dark CounterpointWith daylilies the first taste does not take as long as wine.  They can be sampled often during their second year.  And they do improve with age.