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Emerald Eye, Rose F Kennedy, and Hood College.  tonight’s collection of images.  three images…


a light story

how many pictures are enough ?   the answer to that question is another question.  how many stories do you want to tell ?  the picture needs to fit the story.  looking at today’s picture took me back to a picture from 2012.  why ?  because some days a comparison is a good thing.  most pictures i take are in the garden.  the flower, the time of day, the weather, what else is blooming and a couple other things go into the decision of how fast and how much posing goes into any one picture.   so part of today’s question is ‘how well does this picture show the flower ?’  is there another picture to compare ?  and there is.  a picture from several year’s ago taken at not such a sunny moment.  the older picture probably does a better job of showing the flower form and allows closer inspection of the details.  on the other hand the overcast light may not bring out the brilliance of the colors.  today’s story is color and light.  sometimes a little glare is a good thing.  oh and the flower name Emerald Eye.   three images..

emerald eye sbs itself

emerald eye det emerald eye macro


An emerald

This jewel was discovered in Mr Lambert’s garden.  Instead of being hidden away in a vault somewhere this jewel was destined to be shared.  Emerald Eye.  An eight and a half inch finished gem rising 36 inches above the garden.  Like so many other daylilies the parents of this cross are not known.  Does it really matter ?   Or like in so many other similar instances is the real answer “it does not matter”.   Does this one not stand on its own ?   Look it eye to eye and see the beauty.ermerald eyeOne more day closer to spring….