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it does not stop

each year brings new excitements.  it might only be a slight improvement.  still it is better than it was.  the flower is a little bigger.  the plant is a little taller.  it is a solid red.  it is bud building.  that means as long as it is warm, there is enough rain, and the plant has enough nutrients that new buds form and bloom is extended.  and this is enough to be a good thing.  three images…

the orange

this is one of the early daylilies in the yard.   it is a very simple and plain spider like bloom.  i have no idea of its name.  like a couple others it has been here a long time.  i could take what seems to be a frequent attitude and ask too much.  are we afraid to take things just as they are ?   have we become spoiled where what is seems to be not enough ?  i choose not to do this.  it is a very simple orange daylily.  a single color presenting a clear star shape.  it should be enough.  and it is.  this daylily is year in and year out among the first to bloom.   never an if, never a surprise that it is early.  it is a small daylily.  and it is a bright daylily.  so it is easy to find and so easy to enjoy in the garden.  it has a few buds on each scape.  some would say only.  again there are more choices.  it has blooms that are here to be enjoyed and welcomed.  when it is said that way there is no place for ‘only’.   enjoy the orange.  three images

orange unknown diploid

orange unknown diploid side view

orange unknown diploid macro petal