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so i said

it is starting.  both.  the garden is unfolding into spring.  the aquila bloom.  the iris scape.  and my thoughts go more and more to crosses that might be made.  there is a secret garden locked away with in the flowers.  waiting to be discovered by those lucky enough to stumble into it.  just as exciting as working at the lab in jurasic park with a whole lot less chance of ending up on the menu.  here are a couple of flowers.  one older than me – someone did mention dinosaurs… and one not quite so old.  Fantasia and Zoot Sims.  many would not be so excited by Fantasia.  they might explain we have come so much farther.  i would answer look closer and look again.  Zoot Sims is bigger and spidier.  Fantasia and Zoot Sims both have qualities that can be explored.  indeed spring is here.  several images…

fantasia img 8538 grdn fantasia and zoot sims IMG_1304 clumps fantasia img 9848 det fantasia img 9848 macro_2 fantasia img 9848 macro

today i could

i could start by showing the yard.  and how the tide of green has started to turn.   there is still much green.  and there are plants leaping into bloom.  here and there singly and in other places clumps of 5 or more flower scapes are all in bloom.  and soon the green will give way to other colors.  many.  many colors.

yard view IMG_8413

do you think it will take a week ?  or less ?  or i could talk about Fantasia a flower that has 6 years on me.  it has been here several years.  it is quite happy.  ready to start blooming at clump strength in a day or two.

fantasia clump IMG_8421

i could talk about a flower in its second year here.  really coming on strong.  and still ready to get stronger next year.  most daylilies take three years to really demonstrate just what they can do.  Queen Cobra at 30 or so inches 72.6 cm heading for its 42 inch usual height.

queen cobra det 3 IMG_8445

i could talk about the fulva creeping under the fence.  one with freckles in its veins.  even fulva can have variety.

fulva det IMG_8454

or i could talk about the Canadian Hemlock catching the sunlight backlit on its gentle needles.

canadian hemlock backlit

then there is the seedling gone to a 5 petal poly with its ghost eye.  can you see it ?  or i could save it too for another day.

boba seedling x sm qqq det poly x 5

or there is a flower that has reached its three year potential.  Mythperception an 8 inch flower 20.5 cm on a 32 inch 81 cm scape.  i just don’t know what choice to make.  then again in a few days the wave of color will make its own choices.

mythperception det

and no.   these were not the only choices.  just the ones that tickled my fancy today.  i did not even go into the seedling bed.  and that is where the kid does his happy dance in the toy store.  yes.  they are blooming too.  now what was that dream… yes sugar plums.  and summer daylilies.



the old, the new, and the fantasy

this is one of the oldies here in the garden.  it goes back to 1948.  the flower that is.  of course the house and therefore the garden goes back a little earlier.  though what the garden looked like back then is anyone’s guess.  there was not much of a flower garden when we moved here.  trees and shrubs yes.  flowers not so much.  so back to the flower.   it is Fantasia a flower by one of the pioneers in daylily hybridizing.  so what has me still interested ?  I can think of three flowers here in the garden that might make an interesting cross.  Fantasia is an open form shaped like a star.  and it has some twist.  and then there is the mystery of what might be hiding in its genetics.  i need to get a gardener’s card that says ‘have pollen, will plant seeds’.  two images

fantasia det 2 fantasia det 7/02