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Charlotte’s brood

the hose caddy was a nursery.  most of the nursery was moved to the Canadian Hemlock tree  and the hose caddy has made its crumbling way to the trash heap.  of course it was quite a pleasant surprise to find Charlotte’s brood there on the handle of the hose caddy.  i have no idea what variety arachnid Charlotte was.  you can make your best guess from the image what her brood will become.   i am not an arachnid expert.  other than knowing that they are welcome and most definitely belong in the garden.  we are about two miles south of lake Erie.  that means there are an abundance of insects that live around the lake.  and unlike the deer there are an abundance of predators to feast on this bounty.  arachnids, odonates, chiroptera, and avians the list goes on and on.  this morning i saw a very slow predator in the garden.   a leopard, just not the kind you might suppose.  it is a limax maximus.  all part of the garden.  a healthy garden.  my kinda garden.  so without further ado Charlotte’s brood.  i hope to see a few of them later in the season.  and if they should make you cringe remember they are a part of the package.  so just take a step back and enjoy them from a safe distance.  and if you find yourself thinking this list is harmful please take a moment and take a careful look at the alternatives.  and reconsider…

charlotte macro charlotte's brood charlotte's shadow puppets

a mohawk and a tatoo in the garden

i look at this flower and one of the things i see is a two tone mohawk and a tattoo.  and part of me says don’t go there.  another part of me looks at the observation and says perhaps this is a part of the function of gardens.  they can serve as a reminder that diversity and change are important.  and  that cookie cutter familiarity is not only boring, it does not meet every need.  if that answer does not sit well take a good long look at mother nature and see if her answer does not include diversity and change.

purple and white iris macro purple and white iris det

solstice and the new year

fear and hope, that is what things come down to at this time of year.  the solstice is two days away as i write.  the christian holiday is 6 days away.  and the new year 13 days.   fear and hope that the shortening days will turn around and lengthen.  fear and hope that the world is not beyond redemption.   and fear and hope that the old year will end and a new one begin.  actually i simplified one of those a bit more than wanted for this post.  if you are at all familiar with the story of christmas it is a bit more than redemption.  the cast of characters is a bit wider.  of the two main characters on this plane, one is often forgotten.  the king who is little mentioned is filled with fear.  so much so that the visiting kings see right through this fear.  so at this time of shortening days, of growing fears, let us set down our fears and hold onto our hopes.  this is my prayer.  i hope it can be yours.

sally sue _IMG_2199 det

time for a seedling

Why ?  Well I am still wandering another garden besides my own, in pictures that is.  The picture and name that the camera captured do not match up to the picture in the AHS daylily registry.  Why ?  Because in life it is often easy for things to get mixed up, misplaced, or otherwise jumbled.  It is kinda funny because the name is Nowhere to Run and that is often the first response to these kind of predicaments – RUN !  Yet there is never just one response or option.  Take a step back and adjust.  Trust me the flower in the picture I was ready to show does not look very much like the one in the link.  Kinda red hued and over some green leaves.  After that the similarities are exhausted and oops sets in.  So we will step back and adjust.  The next picture is a seedling, so here it is.  We will just go with what we know about it.  It is a pale pink flower with a bit of a gold edge on the petals.  The petals are a  solid or single color pink.  There is no darker eye zone or other variations to the color except for the thin gold edge on the petals.  The sepals do have a darker pink out near the tips.  It has some ruffles on the edge of the petals and some pinching and folding of the petals down in the throat.  And it has a bright orange pollen.  I think that will do for the description.  There is more that could be said.  And yet this is enough for now.  It is time to simply enjoy the flower.  And a close up of the throat and that bright orange pollen.

cg pink sculpted seedling det

cg pink sculpted seedling det throat

Like I said, I could go on.  And yet this is enough.

same old same old or stir stir

This is a seedling that I have been watching for two years now.  Among other things the notes are a bit crossed.  It could be from one set of parents or another.  The parents are not so important as the clues to what this seedling might do.  It is a bit unusual.  It does not open fully, the sepals open out and the petals tend to hang in the middle partially opened.  And the sepals are a solid orange-ish color, with veined petals of a paler shade.  The question to me “is this an ugly duckling to be discarded or nurtured ?”   Will it unfold into a beauty of its own?  Or is this a door opening to something that will be revealed in another generation ?  The fact that it seems to be moving into the late blooming arena is another consideration.   I think I will opt for closer observation and experimentation.  To know the adventure you must travel the pathway, even if it is made as you go.

late seedling det


fear and dealing with fear

It was  a good night to watch the Hobbit.   The movie may be about fantasy and all sorts of characters.  It is also about something we deal with every day, fear.  Bilbo is afraid to come out of his home.   He finally decides to come out of his hole, as neat and tidy as it is and face the future.  At some point this affects every part of our lives, from going to kindergarten to going out into the garden.   It sounds crazy yet it happens there too.  People anguish and fret over registering a daylily.  I will not claim to be immune.   To go back to the movie for a moment – ‘So how many dragons have you killed Gandalf, hundreds ?  Well um, uh, stalls for time and avoiding denial.  Some things just come along once in a while.  It is no reason to let someone else do it.    Try it.

This is a peony blossom in the making.  It has never done this before.  And it will only do it once.

peony bud det