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clean up

today was a half way decent day for clean up.  cloudy, dry, cool, and not much wind.  some more plants were trimmed down for winter.  and for a few moments the third compost pile was empty.  which also means the finished compost storage bin is nearly full.  the other two compost bins are full of yard waste.  and three trash cans of yard waste are now filling the one that was emptied.  next summer the finished compost will be used for plantings and the cycle will continue.  and i completed my garden exercise program for the day.

16-100 11-082 Webster Seedling x (09-009 South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers) x Lullaby Of Birdland

16-115 Highland Pinched Fingers x Thais


computer says reboot.  those kinky inexplicable things that happen when memory overflows and it is time to reboot.  and perhaps call it a night and sleep too.  enjoy

14-109-B DC x Scandinavia

things evolve

i share daylily pictures.  more than that i raise daylilies from seed.  and i make lots of crosses to get that seed.  i have an assortment of daylilies.  i do like them all.  some are skinny spidery shapes.  some are twisty skinny shapes.  some are not quite as skinny as i would like.  the majority of the seeds are crosses of the spidery or twisty daylilies.  there are also some round full form daylilies, doubles, flowers with lots of ruffles, flowers with different and unusual color combinations, and a handful of other oddities in the daylily world.  i grow everything on a mostly small urban lot.  and while i enjoy having samples of other daylily shapes and forms i have also reached the limits of my garden.  so things and choices are evolving on a new level.  when i decide to keep a new seedling something else must go to make room.  so while i like all of them i cannot keep all of them.  somehow it all works out.  change is good.  even if more and more of the flowers in the garden are spiders and twisty shapes.

12-0622-004 Talon x Give Me Eight

14-132 11-058 Nutmeg Elf x (Little Rainbow x Talon) x 13-0718-001 ? WTP x Smoke Scream

14-135 11-0727A Blue Lustre ( breath of blue air x mascara snake) x 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker


getting from old to new

back when hybridizing daylilies was starting there was not much variation in the outward appearance of the flowers.  they started with species daylilies.  and they tried to change them from the starting points of orange and yellow.  eventually they got a flower that was more or less purple.  at some point early hybridizers were able to get wider petals.  slowly one trait at a time different qualities were enhanced and brought out.  eventually we got to where we are today.  considering the original purple daylily and the deep rich purples we have today perhaps the possibility of a blue daylily should not be taken so lightly.  time and persistence will tell.

10-049 Talon x unkown

other distractions

no music or movies tonight.  does this old house on pbs count ?  tonight’s pictures come from the front garden and along the far side of the house.  each day i kind of walk the property taking pictures.  some days the route varies.  and some days the kid in the candy store takes over and runs right to the flower of the moment.  gardens will do that to me.  they are supposed to be exciting.

distracting music

usually there is a late night movie playing while i wander into the daylily photos.  tonight none of the movies work.  so music it is.  how this will affect my choice of words to describe the flowers is completely unpredictable.  i don’t think there are fibonacci curves in either the music or the flowers.  then again i should say i am not presently aware of their presence in daylilies or my current musical selection.  i seem to recall they are present in the seed head of sunflowers and such.  as for the daylilies i have an odd collection of observations gathered over several years.  things seen occasionally, things seen frequently, and things more rare.  genetically daylilies are complex.  meaning they do not breed true.  if you wanted to raise a uniform crop plants from seed it would be a challenge.   however if you wanted to explore the genetics of the daylily the complexity would take you in all sorts of directions.  plants ranging from 12 inches 30.5 cm to 72 inches 182.9 cm.  colors of almost every hue though blue remains an iffy result.  and lots of variations to the flower form.  i am sure that this large genetic playground is what keeps me fascinated.  as pleasantly distracted and more so than my late night musical and movie choices.  i think it will keep me dabbing pollen from one plant to another and collecting seeds for as long as i am able.


take pictures of the flowers.  get good pictures of the flowers.  yes get the labels too.  hmmm are the pictures of the labels important ?  well can the letters be fuzzy ?  only if you are not worried about reading them.  after a little experimentation not being able to read the labels has been deemed a bad thing.  every day we learn a little.  the hard way…

13-121 10-014 Prague Spring x Gift Tie ) x Katy’s Blue

learning curve

those seeds don’t look so good.  they might not sprout.  put three, four, maybe even five in that spot and perhaps one will grow.  or too many will grow there.  when the plant was selected and moved to the secondary observation bed after three years it looked like one single plant.  two years later there are at least three plants in that tangle.  all growing.  all blooming.  next summer i am going to have to find the lad who does that untangling thing.

14-157-B Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

14-157 Dark Counterpoint x Skinwalker

out of the air

yes pick a title out of the air.  i am not sure fingers can do it.  however when in a serious predicament always or sometimes use your imagination.  oh never mind we have somehow gotten past that point.  now it is only possible to visit the garden via the pictures at this time of year.  so before anymore unfortunate words spill out please step into the garden…

12-0619-004 BP x Trah) x WF eye pattern

14-126 10-120 Wild One x Autumn Minaret x Sally Sue

16-0710-001 AKA 11-014 UF OO x B110