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free range monarchs

flutterbyes a name that perplexes the spell checker and beautifies the garden.  no reflections from july today.  today is today.  i am sure many have been to butterfly enclosures where you can experience them up close.  today high court was held in the garden.  no enclosures.  no special releases by zoo keepers.  today the monarchs feasted on wild aster.  it has been permanently declared a non weed.  the 5 or 6 monarch butterflies have declared it so.  and who in their right mind could argue ?  they danced on the air and feasted on the flowers.  and that is why i venture into the garden.  i even managed to take a few daylily pictures.


a flower

one that according to search is not to be found yet on this blog.  so we just many not be too repetitious tonight.  Flutterbye a bit of an oldie from 1981.   the flower is in all three forms, unopened bud, full bloom, and faded bloom.  enjoy.  three images…

flutterbye grdn IMG_9554

flutterbye det IMG_9554 flutterbye macro IMG_9554