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found in the garden

what is in the garden ?  well if you are doing it right – you are.  it does not have to be your garden.  it just has to be you in a garden.  any garden.  that includes untended and wild gardens.  sometimes you just have to be there.  see it and feel it.  find it.   tonight this is what is to be found in the digital garden.  a seedling  –   Prague Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue.  two images..

12-092 Prauge Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue  det 12-092 Prauge Spring x Gift Tie) x Sally Sue macro



where you find them

here and there and anywhere.  this is one from the there category.  a daylily found there.  there in another garden.  no name.  just blooming pretty.

unknown yellow white daylily macro unknown yellow white daylily det

more slightly unusual names

There is nothing quite like ‘just try it.’  Whether it is naming daylilies or wandering through one’s collection of daylily photos.  I gives me the chance to confront both the imagined challenges and the unexpected ones too !   Challenge – just post all of the John Lambert daylilies here in the garden.   Unexpected challenge, find those pictures.  They are, or might be here somewhere !  The next two on my list are That’s That and What’s What.  Yes those are daylily names.  Yes they are slightly unusual.  Then again so are daylilies on just about any given day.   They are also MIG, not missing in action, missing in garden.  There just might be a picture of those two somewhere here.  Or not !  Who’ Who is another story.  PIcture found !whos who

Treasure: Buried and found

Lots of old metal has turned up in the garden.  Old buried pipes, rusted tools and other junk keep coming up when planting holes are prepared.  Occasionally a treasure turns up.  It makes digging all those holes worth while.

This is an 8 inch bloom.  It is on a two year old plant.   This one will stay in the garden.

Gold daylily seedling Tetraploid

Of course that means I will have to keep burying these little black jewels too.

I might just be able to cope with that kind of exchange…..