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fused – when parts of a plant that are usually separate grow together.  like this bloom that is three blooms fused together.  is the garden fighting the decline as bloom season slows ?  two patterned flowers are still blooming.  and the green tags from flower crosses are starting to be more noticeable than the flowers.


a regular botanical anarchist.  that would be a good definition of some plants.  and that would include the daylily.  maybe not every day.  maybe not every week.  just don’t expect them to read the instructions, believe the definitions,  and conform to any construct we arrange.  there are those who seek to fix as in stabilize variegated leaves in daylilies.  so far they are a determined and unrewarded lot.  the trait comes and goes on the whim of the plant.  and so it is with other traits.  there are polys, daylilies that have more than the normal allotment of three petals and three sepals.  and a true poly, if i can use the word true or normal to describe them, will have only one pistil.  while a fused bloom, which often resembles a poly, is two flowers that grow fused into a single bloom.  however a fused bloom will show two stems, two ovaries partially fused together.  and it will show two pistils with six petals and six sepals.  so besides impertinent what is this flower ?  with its two pistils and five petals and five sepals, and if the eyes do not deceive me 11 stamen ?  i favor the impertinent answer.  four images…

talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 macro_2 talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 macro_1 talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 det talon x little rainbow IMG_3727 grdn