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far flung

looking at this flower and trying to categorize my reactions.  is it winding up trying to extend its space ?  does the energy from the throat radiate out into the purple petals ?  or should i give it more time to speak ?  and spend some time simply listening.  perceiving.  learning.  three images…

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on a year like this some seedlings did not bloom.  too dry.  other seedlings bloom and it is fleeting, a few glimpses of what the flower will do, just not enough to establish a pattern of how it will look on days when the weather is a little cooler or hotter.  will it dance and twist or will it maintain a consistent form ?  will the color changer genetics in this flower be active in this generation ?  or will it take another cross to bring them out ?  14-148 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein x Pigment Of Imagination.  three images…

14-148-12-0702-001-lola-branham-x-gail-braunstein-x-pigment-of-imagination-20160802_074150-macro 14-148-12-0702-001-lola-branham-x-gail-braunstein-x-pigment-of-imagination-20160802_074150-det

14-148 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein x Pigment Of Imagination

14-148 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein x Pigment Of Imagination

something very

very pink.  a seedling.  a cross of  Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein.  does it need more than pink ?  two images…

12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein macro 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein det

decidedly unsnowy

it is supposed to snow tonight.  spring will come.  it just won’t be fast and it won’t be easy.  so here is a flower that i believe has not been on this page since last year this time.  it did well this past summer in the garden in its second year of bloom.  it is tall enough.  its bloom is big enough.  and its color is pink enough.  pink enough to come through this snow with thoughts of the summer.   Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein

sf13 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein throat det  sf13 12-0702-001 Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein det 004

seedling and parents – a sibling

This is the sibling to the seedling yesterday.  Depending on your point of view you might ask,  “why bother with this one ?”  And that is a good question.  It certainly does not have the dramatic color of its sibling.  Nor the same twist and dance in the flower.   So what does it have that might be of interest ?   Well it does have the same height and bloom size.  It has about the same bud count and was at least pod fertile.  What it also possesses is similar genetics.  So crossing it back to its sibling may enhance some of those qualities.   After all this is mostly a delightful guessing game.   And to play one must spin the wheel and see what fortune brings.  Once again the parents..

Gail Braunstein x Lola Branham

gail braunstein lola branham sbs

and the sibling seedling.

lola branham x gail braunstein det_02

seedlings and parents

This is just one example of what makes the seedling bed one of the most exciting places in the garden.  When the question hits ‘what plants should be selected ?’ as the garden is full of bloom it is easy to be overwhelmed with all of the choices.  The visual assault can overpower any memory of a planned cross and spontaneity can easily take over.  Did I say totally uncontrolled spontaneity?  Yes – it is just like being a kid in the candy store.  I really don’t know what was going through my mind when I decided to make this cross.  What ever was the decision maker I am very happy with the results.

gail braunstein lola branham sbs

Gail Braunstein x Lola Branham

lola branham x gail braunstein det

Oh so not fading away

Two weeks to the solstice.  Counting the days, when we make the turn and the days start to grow longer again.   This is a seedling from this summer’s garden.  A first year bloom.  It was flagged and saved.  Moved to an evaluation bed.   First year blooms can be misleading.  They sometimes show things that do not return again.  Good thing that it has been tagged and flagged.  So if it does become a changeling we can remember how it looked and compare.   For now the words marvelous and not fading seem to do just fine….DSCF2243The cross is Lola Branham x Gail Braunstein.  We can slowly procede, the solstice, the winter, and days of spring.  We can wait for this beauty to return and grace the garden.  We can….

PS – Lavendar and dark purple mixed together do make pink – do they not ????