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garden buster sail

today was the day. for the last several weeks butterflies have been lingering in the garden. i think they were waiting for today. today the wild fall aster opened. and while i cannot smell them the butterflies are not so impaired. there was a riot of fluttering wings around this flower and all over the garden. a flutter flight. this plant is about 36 inches 91 cm across and it stands taller than the 48 inch 122 cm fence. there were easily a dozen monarchs and a couple swallowtails feasting. are they tanking up for migration ? all i can tell you is i wait for this day each year. who needs a butterfly house when this flower opens ?

some facilities

just not all, and not right away.  we frequently plan on doing a series of steps.  and then have that series of steps altered by forces outside of our control.  or are forced to wait.  or all of the above.  some days it just bees that way.  so here i am at the point where i can find a picture.  done.  now to add a spash of words and see what else the new day will bring.  this flower was a new addition to the garden this spring.  looking back it too suffered from a ‘some facilities’ series of events.  and in the end that is not so bad.  the plant made it to the garden and it is blooming now.  the flower is called Ballin’ the Jack.  appropriately with today’s theme the details are temporarily unavailable.  at least from that source.  the flower is about 7 inches and next year should be 35 inches tall.  this year it is quite a bit shorter, which is very normal for a plant that has been moved.  so today we will leave a few mysteries unsolved.  like the music and artist that chose this name years ago and is now shared with this flower.  we will just move on to the flower.  ….ahem, this does seem to be a re-occurring theme today.  how about a link to the picture… and soon when time and facilities permit the picture will actually be placed here… or so i imagine.

Ballin’ the Jack   i do hope you can see this.  for the moment it appears to be working….

ballin' the jack det


a spiral in the hand

is worth …..   a good look !    i am fairly sure this is a rex begonia.  it sure looks that way to me.  it is also spiraling.  the leaf does not so much end as fade into a smaller still growing spiral segment.  which if you are familiar with rex begonias each little piece of a leaf and vein is capable of becoming a new plant.  now let’s get back to that spiral and the leaf pattern. ain’t it just amazing ? ! ? !  oh and these are still from the garden we visited !  and if anyone asks just pretend this was not a math lesson.  three images.

rex begoinia spiral macro rex begoinia spiral det 2 rex begoinia spiral det

also in the garden

this hydrangea was also in the garden we visited.  one of these days i will read up on the flower structure of hydrangeas.  it is curious the big and little combination to these flowers.  and also very beautiful.  enjoy…  three images

pale blue hydrangea macro 2 pale blue hydrangea macro pale blue hydrangea det


the patterns of pinks

dianthus are blooming here.  they are a little flower with a big pattern at their heart.  they come in a multitude of shades of red, pink, and white.  and they come with a toothy little edge.  their other name is pinks.  … or so me thinks…  now quit that rhyming and i mean it…  has anyone got a peanut ?   three images

dianthus det IMG_7771

dianthus edge macro dianthus macro pollen


purple larkspur

the larkspur self seed throughout the garden.  there are enough that many are removed to make room for planned plantings.   and new ones keep coming along during the course of the summer.  they are a nice and delicate addition to the garden.  three images

purple larkspur det IMG_7997

purple larkspur bud macro IMG_8000 purple larkspur bloom macro IMG_8000

floral equivalent ?

this flower has been called buttercup around here.  though i think it is best called sundrop.  it does bare a resemblance to the evening primrose, most notably the cross shaped stigma.  so anyway back to the question posed… please look at the close up.  and tell me what you see.  my answer will be after the images.

sundrops det

the calyx is the red green covering before the bloom opens

sundrops macro

and as the bloom opens it is pushed aside.

sundrops macro 2

from this angle – flower on the left…

it looks like …

and outtie belly button.   did i say there was a right answer… or a wrong answer ?


a confused dance

that would be me.  confused.  there are daylily scapes all over the garden.   each day there are several, many more.   in not too many days they will start blooming.  for now there seems to be one plant blooming and you have already seen Knower Spider.  and no matter how much i enjoy seeing it bloom it just might be a bit too much to repost.   i am beginning to think that most of the daylilies will bloom in a week and a half or two weeks.  it was mostly a cool spring.  so i should stop expecting early.  even if a few daylilies ignored the cool.  the rest will bloom when they are ready to dance.  that does not mean i will stop looking each day.  it could be the dance is in my blood.  so what have we skipped ?   there is the bloom, the mature bloom of the wisteria…   three images…

wisteria vine


wisteria cluster det wisteria bloom macro