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if i read the right label this is Irish Lullaby kid bi-tone x ((Black Plush x Trahlyta) x Wind Frills). either way it is tall thing just over 60 inches 152 cm and it has a fairly nice bloom in orange…


there will be first blooms for another several weeks. a lot of seedlings are still sending up flower scapes. this one opened yesterday morning. nice and tall with a rich purple and a touch of white down in the throat. and the ruffle fairies came through and sprinkled it with ruffle dust…


when two daylilies are mixed the cross is an idea. a dream. except it is also a math problem. on a really good day a cross might produce 36 or so seeds. that covers 32 possible genetic combinations. except in reality the possibilities are much greater. one could make several hundred crosses and still not produce seeds that hold those genetic combinations. the possibilities kinda run out to cosmic possibilities. scoop some night time sky and plant it into the garden. see what twinkles…


i should opt for extremely pale. however how can one have fun without a good leading straight line ? this is a bloom of pastel proportions. faint orange with an even fainter eye. it might be purple if the blush might be so described. how this one will mature will take time to discover. of course that is really the case with all of them. what they look like on first bloom may or may not look like when it finally matures. even what a ‘mature’ plant looks like may take time to recover when moved to a new garden. and i find myself reluctant to rush mother nature in her revelations. so let the observations begin. now just what will this one do…?


this one just started blooming. it is a new seedling. a cross of seedling 10-081 Smoke Scream x Talon crossed with Ida Mae Norris. new seedling then the parents.


it is the place. it is where things grow. the outside where everything happens. orange you going to come outside and see ?


it rained last night and into the early morning. most things were drenched. soaked pollen. except. except for a few flowers covered by spent blooms and prevented from opening in the rain. their pollen was dry. there were not a lot of flowers protected from the rain. just enough to keep me happy. and tonight the early evening opening Lavender Minaret opened. more fresh pollen to use. tags were added and just perhaps there will be a few new pods growing in the garden…