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Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream

something for the morning sun.  these colors are visible in the full sun of mid day.  and in the gentler light of morning they stand out.  four images…


somethings are lost.  and sometimes somethings are found.  this one has changed from when it was lost.  however i believe it has been found.  a seedling of Smoke Scream x Give Me Eight… three images…

a flower for Wednesday

this is a seedling planted in 2011.  and bloomed two or three years ago.  a cross of Talon and Give Me Eight.  Talon can give flowers with a twist and Give Me Eight can pass on its flowers with four petals and four sepals.  and both parents have done that.  though today’s image only has a total of six petals the seedling has produced flowers with eight petals.  the seedling has the longer and skinnier petals like Give Me Eight and also the plant height.  two images…

talon x give me eight macro talon x give me eight det


i have to remember – since this flower did not bloom last year.  this year i will hope for its return.  it should be in the 2011 seedling bed.  should.  strange things happen in the fall when plants move.  this flower is at the other end of the spectrum from last night’s flower.  where last night’s flower is bold this flower is soft spoken.  and in spite of that equally stunning.  the wisp of color between the pink petals and white throat is what i will call cloud content.  it is a drifting hint of something that you cannot quite hold in your hands.  three images of the cross Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream.  first the parents and then the seedling…

give me eight sbs smoke scream

11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream det

11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream macro


back to this garden

it was wonderful to see other gardens.  and it is just as wonderful to be back in this garden to see what is happening this summer.  some, many things are just starting to bloom.  this is one bloomed today.  it is a seedling that was selected and moved last summer, a cross of Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream.  seedlings can change as they mature  –  so i will be watching this one.  so far it resembles the form and color of last year only a little richer and stronger.  perhaps i will find the image from last year.  or perhaps i will just keep observing this one and move on with it as it grows…

14-0722-002 Give Me Eight x Smoke Scream det

rose smoke

this is a sibling to last night’s flower.  a little more pigment than it’s sib.  and still not purple.  and just a hint of something in the eye in the blue purple range.  just a hint.

sf13 11-078 Give Me Eight X Smoke Scream det

give me smoke scream

give me Smoke Scream and cross it with Give Me Eight.  it will not give me purples… at least not so far.  most of the seedlings have been pale colors.  this is one of several pale results from that cross.  will these seedlings behave like Give Me Eight and produce polymerous blooms ?  time will tell and so will other seedlings.  those will be on another day.  tonight’s seedling is this one.  it may be out of Smoke Scream, and it is out of – as in missing – purple…  first a close up and then several blooms together.

sf13 11-078 give me eight x smoke scream det 4


sf13 11-078 give me eight x smoke scream multi 4

an extra petal ? – – – oid ?

daylilies in their most frequent demonstrations show three petals and three sepals behind the petals.  or for those of us who like to keep things casual, 6 petals.  now indulge me if you will and count.  how many petals do you find ?  if the answer would be seven you would be mostly right.  keeping things casual that is.  if you want to be precise it would still be six.   why ?  let’s count again, though something else this time.  how many stamens – those pollen thingy holder uppers – do you see ?  look at the close up.  there are five obvious stamens.  and one not so obvious.  that petal pointing down to the right is not what it appears to be.  there is a solid yellow line running down its length.  and that wrinkle at the tip, if we could examine it better would no doubt contain a pollen capsule.  even the texture of this petal is different from the other petals.  the veins are more widely spaced and there are none of the lateral lines like the other petals.  that is because this extra petal is really a petaloid.  it is extra tissue growing around the stamen.  daylilies are prone to surprise demonstrations.  and petaloids too !

sf13 11-078 give me eight x smoke scream det 3

sf13 11-078 give me eight x smoke scream det 3 petaloid

not Counting…

if we were younger and watching a certain PBS show for the very young we might indeed be Counting…. ah ah ah !   and not to chase away any young readers, however i do believe that we are here for another reason.  a flower a day.  for the flower each day.  yes we are part way through winter and most of us are starting to be really really ready for spring.  some of us might be desperate.  some of us might still need to sort our daylily seeds and are not so desperate.  we are here for the flower.  if you must go ahead and count ah ah ah.  and if you wish take it one flower at a time.  for now it is time for today’s flower.  somebody please cue the count, he might as well enjoy this too !    ah ah ah !  the flower is a seedling.  a cross of another seedling (unknown x Lola Branham) x Give Me Eight.   Give Me Eight is named for its ability to poly.  to produce an extra set of petals, eight not the normal six.  and as you can see the seedling may have acquired that skill too.  it pleases me and hopefully the Count.  ah ah ah

sf13 11-040 DB Lola Branham kid x Give Me Eight det