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in the garden

This afternoon there was time to finish emptying the compost pile.   The compost and soil went into the holding bin.  It will be spread around the garden next spring.  The empty compost bin got a few minor repairs and will soon be ready for a fresh supply of garden waste, raked up autumn leaves and what ever vegetative matter becomes available.   For me that list of available matter includes sticks, twigs, and even larger branches.  Most composting guides do not recommend wood and branches.  The reason is the decaying wood grabs up available nitrogen.   Most of the twigs and branches here are dead falls from the trees.  They are half rotted already and compost fairly quickly.  The larger sticks and branches get tossed back into this year’s new compost pile.  They server to inoculate the new compost pile along with a dose of the freshly harvested compost.  This method may not work every where.  Composting does vary by climate and soils.  However this method works for me in my garden.  Soil is a rich complex living colony of many many organisms.   And the decomposing branches add to the complexity.  Reading about the GMO industry after working with rich organic soil is a study in opposites.  A very disturbing one.  The quality of our water, soil, and air is something we should never take for granted.   Here is a picture of a twisted plant.  Except this one is twisted naturally.   Not by poisons in the soil.  It is a clump of Talon bloom scapes.  Something that is twisted yet safe to enjoy.  And if you missed the reblog of the-fight-of-our-lives from Day by Day the Farm Girl Way please check it out.   There may be a good use of GMOs but what they are doing today to our agriculture is not it.


talon clump det 001