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one more

there is another blooming still that i did not name last night.  i have a steel trap that is a lot like a mind.  just not precisely like one.  and yes rusted.  whether it is rusted shut or open is another matter.  let us get back to the naming.  this one blooms without competition in the front yard.  an oldie called Glittering Gift.  it is a 5 inch 51 cm bloom on a short plant.  it will have several more days bloom.  perhaps you may see why it was named so.  four images

glittering gift macro

glittering gift edge macro

glittering gift det

glittering gift



Just Peachy

Sometimes you just like a flower.  This one first bloomed last year.

Now it seems to be stretching out a bit and unwinding…. maybe next chance I get the picture will really do it justice…..

For now this will have to do….

Just peachy – even if the picture is not up to the bloom !

Treasure: Buried and found

Lots of old metal has turned up in the garden.  Old buried pipes, rusted tools and other junk keep coming up when planting holes are prepared.  Occasionally a treasure turns up.  It makes digging all those holes worth while.

This is an 8 inch bloom.  It is on a two year old plant.   This one will stay in the garden.

Gold daylily seedling Tetraploid

Of course that means I will have to keep burying these little black jewels too.

I might just be able to cope with that kind of exchange…..