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Golliwog and the daisy

they may not go together.  it is late and they are going together.  sometimes it is good to put opposites in contrast.  or not.  sometimes judgements made late at night are good.  or not.  three images.  Golliwog vintage 1983.  daisy vintage probably way before 1983.

daisy IMG_9559 golliwog img 9621 macro golliwog img 9621 det

supermodified tinkerbell ! ? !

if perchance one was one of those producers where everything must be slick and super we could change her.  replace the wand with something electronic and loud.  dramatic loud.  update the outfit.  and maybe more dragon like wings.  maybe.  or maybe not.  maybe she can stay just the way she is with a few weaknesses and flaws.  not omnipotent and not all powerful.  if you agree you might begin to realize how i feel about Golliwog.  three images…

golliwog img 9122 grdn golliwog img 9122 det golliwog img 9122 macro

that other flower

there are only a few…  a hundred or so more other flowers that i am mostly crazy about.  one of those is Golliwog.  there is more to it than the name.  it is a full form and flowing flower.  a flower that hints strongly that maybe all the other flowers in the garden are pretenders…  except just maybe some of those seedlings from this beauty

golliwog macro golliwog det

not the purple seedling

this is a seedling.  a sibling of a purple seedling.  most often a brown seedling is not considered a choice to make.  perhaps not a choice over a purple sibling.  just a choice along side a purple sibling.  sometimes we just have to watch the unexpected and see what might come of it.  a brown seedling where no brown seedling was expected.  indeed a seedling where no purple seedling was expected.  12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern a yellow flower crossed with a yellow pink poly chrome flower.  one purple seedling and one brown seedling.  where will they go ?  two images

12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern  macro brown 12-140 Golliwog x Walking the Pattern det brown


another seedling to observe

first year seedlings are the start of a selection process.  often it is three years before the seedling will settle down into its final form.  this is a first year seedling that seems to be well worth the watching.  it is has taken good qualities from both parents Walking the Pattern and Golliwog.  enjoy.  the parents – Golliwog then Walking the Pattern, the seedling, and what borders on an abstract picture.

golliwog n walking the pattern sbs

sf13 12-0619-003 golliwog x walking the pattern yellow det

sf13 12-0619-003 golliwog x walking the pattern yellow det petal

the zen of being

being.  not the zen of the name.  do you look past the listen of the name?  or do you give yourself a chance to experience and learn past the initial experience?   how does this name relate to this daylily?   Mahukona is a dormant and even further a submerged volcano on the northwest coast of Hawaii.   the flower is a subdued melon.  Mahukona the flower is described as a pink melon polychrome.  hear it, see it.  has it grabbed your interest ?  or have you already started to focus in another direction ?   not everyone has to be a fan of the peachy melon color.  so do not feel compelled.  however it might be worthwhile to understand its nature.   volcanos, even submerged and dormant should never be taken for granted.  Pele in Hawaiian religion is noted for many qualities.  She is the spirit of volcanos, fire, lightning, and wind.  Pele is also a source  of creative power, passion, purpose, and profound love.    so despite the apparent dormancy  Mahukona is all of this.   the flower by the same name has similar qualities not to be ignored.   its parentage includes Golliwog × (Orchid Corsage × Just for Laughs).  Golliwog is another polychrome and petals that can flow with the best of lava.  Orchid Corsage has movement in its petals.  Both of them have been shown here in the past.  Just for Laughs is an unusual form, yes another daylily that can flow with the movement of its petals.  And it is a big flower just under 10 inches across.   so this is some of the potential that Mahukona can display and pass on to its children.  all things considered  i think it is fitting this flower is named for a slumbering volcano.  Mahukona

Mahukona det 002

and on a second day with a slightly different look.

Mahukona det

having looked a the slumbering genetics ideas for the next generation are warming up !

Another day before the cool solstice

There are things to remember on cold and cloudy rainy days.  This seedling is something good to remember from the gifts of summer.  It has its own dance and movement.DSCF2700It is a seedling from Golliwog (image) and Walking the Pattern.  May it dance in the garden this coming summer.   And may we dance along too !