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something purple

this one is older.  from 1979.  it is called Grapeade.  of medium height and a fair sized bloom.  and it holds its beauty still.  three images….


grapeade det grapeade macro


reflections of summer

Despite my showing single blooms in most pictures, in the garden daylilies usually bloom in a clump.  A cluster of blooms that lure you in to examine an individual bloom.  And that is how the journey around the garden begins.  The flowers pull you in and lead you from one onto the next.  This is a picture of a seedling.  A glowing summer morning.  It wraps up with a single bloom from the same seedling.

10-069 grapeade x am clmp


10-069 grapeade x am det_2


The cross is Grapeade x Autumn Minaret.

by the numbers

there are a few that did not get a way.  flowers that got flagged, tagged, recorded and noted.  They got their own numbers and very shortly they should get their own names.  this is a tall small delicate flower.  the bloom is about 4 inches and rides on 44 inch plant.  so it is up where you can see it up close.  it is a pale lavender with yellow undertones.  It is a cross between Grapeade and Autumn Minaret.  Why do I like it ?   Well it blooms later in the season, and it blooms fairly long.  It has taken the plant form from one parent, Autumn Minaret, tall and skinny and well branched and taken some of the purple from Grapeade and also a more open flattened bloom, unlike Autumn Minaret’s trumpet shaped bloom.  And unlike Autumn Minaret this one is not stubborn about setting seed pods.  I am still a little puzzled about why that last point appeals to me.  I will have to check with the gardener on that one.  For the moment still noted as garden number 10-069.. 10-069 grapeade x amso mark it three blooms until spring.  Mark the gardener happy and the apprentice happy ( and for the moment not even stirring up the brooms ! ).