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too weird

yeah too weird. the question is too weird to touch ? too strange to experiment with and find something new ? or too weird not to investigate. so weird one cannot walk away from the opportunity. then again that has always been the issue. how does one recognize opportunity ? is it so unusual that it must be categorized as ugly ? or does one need to look to bring out the beauty ? the contest continues day to day. there will always be something that we do not quite understand. something we need to seek. a chance to comprehend. is there too much green in this flower ? or not enough in a better dispersion …

red and green

some would say those are christmas colors.  of course it is now nearly exchange day.  when folks go back for another round of too much shopping.  so are those colors of red and green really christmas colors ?  only if we want them to be.  they are still a flower for you.  no matter if you  go back for more shopping or not.  enjoy the season.  three images…

12-000 red IMG_1488 macro_2 12-000 red IMG_1488 macro 12-000 red IMG_1488 det

rose bud

the winter beat most of the roses right down to the ground.  still they are not about to give up.  they are sprouting.  new growth is coming up from the base of the plants that survived.  there is something neat about the fresh red growth of roses.  the flower is forming already.

rose bud macro new growth rose

under the walnut

this is one of the things that grow under the black walnut tree.  it is a Canadian Hemlock.  the shade from the walnut is most likely slowing down the growth of the hemlock.  and that is okay.  we get enough shade from the walnut.  and the hemlock creates an airy presence in the yard.

canadian hemlock det macro

canadian hemlock det


this is one of the wild flowers from the weekend.  this one defines delicate.  simple white blossoms and little green leaves that are hardly bigger than the flower.  the stems – well they are hardly there at all.  enjoy

anemone macro

anemone det

dramatic names

At some point I will no doubt bestow a daylily with a very unusual name.  So far I don’t think I have done that.  Give me time.  Not sure mine will be dramatic.  Though I can try.  This one is called Green Inferno.   It is a yellow daylily with a big and I think appropriately blazing green throat.  The name brings to mind a super heroine with a cape.  Not sure if that was what was intended.  It certainly can resemble a flame with a heart of green and a yellow corona.   You be the judge.

green infernoAny way that I look at it is a vast improvement over snow and grey clouds.