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trying something different tonight.  i keep talking about crosses of one plant to another.  so tonight is as good as any to show some parents of crosses and some of the resulting seedlings.  the first two parents are Dragons Eye a small short pink flower with a darker red eye.  And the other parent is Trahlyta a purple flower with a darker purple eye.

the seedling is an all purple flower about the size of Dragons Eye and a bit taller than both parents.  the purple is a solid color with no noticeable eye zone.

the seedling got its own name – Indigo Ignition.  and it was crossed with a slightly taller skinny and much bigger flower called Skinwalker.

and now we have this seedling.  a smaller flower than Skinwalker and it is a bigger flower than Indigo Ignition.  and it is on a taller stronger flower scape than either parent.  seeds from this flower will be planted this spring.  imaginations and guesses what they will look like are welcome.   of course it would help showing the other parents that went into each cross.  then again why limit the imaginings ?

14-163 Indigo Ignition x Skinwalker