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the care free garden

i do not want one.  a care free garden that is.  i am beginning to think it is nearly impossible.  the garden should be a place where we can go to forget about problems.  there is no garden big enough to cause problems to be released.  when half a world away more than 100 children are killed the cares are too loud to silence.  there is no room for the hate that has harmed these children.  there is only room for prayer for the families that have been hurt.  prayer to walk away from hate.  start the prayer…

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more prayers and another flower 5

I had hoped to post a flower a day as the solstice approached.  As it is so often none of us knows what today will bring.  The posts from the last several days have been in response to the events in Connecticut.   Words still mostly fail.   And this simple response is still what makes the most sense.

a prayer and a flower…. still.

for those who have been hurt and those who are still hurting may you find your way and honor your loved ones.DSCF6459