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the odds

i plant about 600 seeds each year.  i plant directly in the soil.  some germinate.  some do not.  each year i select about 50 plants for extended review.  the rest get moved and eventually go away.  some spend a season or two by the edges of the garden.  here and there in spots that are much less than the ideal.  still some bloom.  one of those is blooming in the shade next to the compost pile.  it is not really a bad plant.  it just was not selected.  it is part of the hybridizing game.  the last image is standing in front of the compost piles and looking out.  six images…

14-065 12-0622-001 Orange spider x Lullaby Of Birdland



looking, planning, dreaming

This is one of the daylilies in the garden.  It is one of those categorized as a spider, skinny spider like petals and sepals.  It is called Easy Ned and it was introduced in 1987.  It is 40 inches tall and has a 6.5 inch bloom.  It is one I might one day use for one of the crosses with other plants.  What does that involve ?   It means observing both potential parents to see if they grow and bloom well.   Sometimes it means checking the history of one or both of the parent plants.  The AHS and Tinker’s databases both provide information and pictures of registered daylilies.  So I would look up Easy Ned and perhaps any child plants grown from Easy Ned.  There are several in this case : As You Wish (Murphy-J.P., 2005),  Greek Olympiad (Fischer-C., 2006), Mr Personality (Pruden, 2012), Peace Out (Murphy-J.P., 2007), Royal Curls (Hite, 1994), Stonehill’s African Night (Haglund, 2012)

All of these facts are put together and used to decide what direction to take the cross and what parents will be involved.  Okay enough yacking the flower please !

easy ned det



Sally Sue – who are you ?

It is not quite midnight, only 7 PM here in Cleveland.  One more post for the year.  And then to start all over next year.

So just who is Sally Sue ?  How about a purple daylily with a big green throat and not much of an eye zone.  She is from a cross between Starman’s Quest and  Emerald StarburstHer flower is 7.5 inches across carried on a 48 inch scape.

The height and the flower size come from Starman’s Quest.  The big green throat from Emerald Starburst.  Together they bring an interesting new flower to the garden.  One that will no doubt have lots of interesting children.   Stay tuned Sally Sue’s seeds will be planted this coming spring.  So while I am excited about 2012 tonight, somewhere in July of 2013 there should be even more excitement in the garden.

Diploid daylily

Thank you Sally Sue.  And thank you Kim !

Happy New Year.   And a great gardening year to us all.