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it poured last night. several times it poured. the day started out with a bit of sun. then it turned grey for a while. and then it decided to be sunny. i even moved a few plants. it was a bit like moving mud pies. still they did move. some of those moves were for plants that were not dealing well with being crowded. with a little luck they will bounce right back. there are annuals waiting to get planted. the parade is moving from one plant to another. different color iris are coming into bloom. the scrub dogwood is blooming and the syrphrid flies are hovering over the flowers. the ferns that were little fiddleheads are now big flowing ferns. roses are getting ready to say ‘my turn !’



if you look what will you find ? images from the garden. images for the looking. nature for the finding. the tall bearded iris started blooming today. and the small white dwarf iris are near done. they held one surprise. iris are like daylilies and many other flowers. they come with three sets of petals. except when they do not. it is not too unusual for daylilies to have and extra petal or two. like the four leave clover you must look for them. does this happen often with iris ? i do not know. it is the first time i have encountered one. then there are petunias which look wet yet they are not. and lastly the wisteria vine is ready to reap its retangle. then again that is what some vines do best. and it is a place where the cardinal likes to make its nest.

that spring thing

it is happening and happening.  i think someone found the turbo button.  and then they just stepped on it and stood there.  seven images…

more moving

another five plants moved today.  slowly the old seedling bed is being cleared.  and soon a new crop of seeds will be planted.  a walk around the yard revealed more plants coming into bloom.  dianthus, iris, and lupine are in flower.  and flower scapes are starting to appear on other daylilies.  Paper Butterfly, Delta Force, and Isolde all have flower scapes growing.  and at the moment Delta Force seems to be in the lead.  then again i just might not be looking in the right places and some other flower scape is just waiting to surprise me.  until then another flower from last summer – from a garden in Lebanon Ohio.  a seedling.  a skinny seedling…  two images

vod spider sdlg macro vod spider sdlg det


bronze in the garden.  iris may burn quick in the garden.  this one glows brilliantly as it goes.  the texture of this flower is just incredible.  it is the answer to a most unusual question… ‘who would buy a brown flower ?’   having seen this flower the answer becomes obvious.   i believe the word is enjoy !

brown iris petal macro brown iris det_2 brown iris macro pollen

planting day(s)…

or daze…  the seeds are coming out of the envelopes and going in the ground.  and other things are blooming.  so the first few rows of seeds have gone into the soil.  it will take a few more days to plant both seed beds.   some of the plants removed from the bed can be seen sitting on the path.  Others have been placed next to the back fence.  the seeds go in six inches apart and are staggered so the plant in the next row should not be right along side.  they will stay here for the next three years.  then the process will be repeated.  the oldest seed beds are just to the left.   and last year’s seedling bed can be seen in the second picture.  some of these should bloom this year.  speaking of blooms the Siberian Iris are blooming too.  so page down to see them…

2014 seedling beds IMG_7652

last years seedling bed IMG_7657 siberian iris

old iris

these iris were here in the yard when we moved here some 35 years ago.  they might have been old back then.  they are of middle height and flower size.  still their bright yellow does add to the color of the garden and provide contrast to the columbine, lupine, and wood hyacinth.  and for all of their simplicity in the face of the more modern iris they are still very graceful.  if i could imagine a jellyfish billowing and flowing through the air this is the flower that could do that.  its petals do not sit still, old or not there is something to this flower.

iris yellow macro iris yellow det

a mohawk and a tatoo in the garden

i look at this flower and one of the things i see is a two tone mohawk and a tattoo.  and part of me says don’t go there.  another part of me looks at the observation and says perhaps this is a part of the function of gardens.  they can serve as a reminder that diversity and change are important.  and  that cookie cutter familiarity is not only boring, it does not meet every need.  if that answer does not sit well take a good long look at mother nature and see if her answer does not include diversity and change.

purple and white iris macro purple and white iris det