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there are a couple of lullabies growing here in the garden.  this one is apparently named for an old jazz standard.  Lullaby of Birdland the daylily stands 48 in 122 cm tall and has an 8 in 20.5 cm bloom.  and for the fans of skinny flowers it is a spider.  it is a dark imposing flower with a green throat.  it is a cross of  Art Gallery Quilling × Royal Celebration.   it stands 18 inches taller than either parent.  and this summer there were some seeds made with this flower.  perhaps in time i will become more familiar with the music.  one quick listen is not enough.  until then the flower will serve as a reminder.   two images   enjoy

lullaby of birdland det

lullaby of birdland macro


Good Rockin

another daylily named for jazz music.  Good Rockin Tonight.  i guess i should stop right there.  and let the picture talk for itself.  we will try not to trample it with too much detail.  the music is by Roy Brown and the year 1947.  the flower is by Dan Bachman and the year it started playing was 2009.  it is an 8 inch flower 20.5 cm on a 41 inch scape 104 cm.  i hope you enjoy it.  two images.  oh and it is a late season bloomer that will be making music in the garden for a while yet.

good rockin tonight macro good rockin tonight det