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2 parents and 2 sibs

first is a couple of parent flowers that went into a cross.  and second two of the seedlings from the cross.   the parents are John Karl Seager x  (South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers) right to left.  and second there are two seedlings from that cross.  the parents are two different colors, lavender and orange.  the seedlings start to go their own ways.  similar, yet different.   three images…

John Karl Seagar det sbs South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers sbs

11-048 John Karl Seagar x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas sib sbs


11-048 John Karl Seagar x (Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas macro

less ambiguity

As I slowly realize that my photos of Bill Munson’s flowers have some gaps, I find one more that is in reach.  One called Chinese Temple Flower.

chinese temple flower

It is certainly beautiful enough to grace a temple.  And it has produced several other daylilies.  One of them is John Karl Seager.  Perhaps you can see the resemblance?

cmpr ctf jks

And the difference ?  That is part of the thrill of growing daylilies.  Crayons for progressing extended children to be used in the full sun.  Notice I refrained from using the A word.  Gardens are for the children in all of us.  So make it 9 blooms until spring.

What daylily ?

The question each day – winter or not – what daylily to post.  Some daylily that is handy.  One that I have a picture.   And hopefully one that can be shown in an interesting manner.  So back to today’s question.  What daylily ?

The last two days have been seedlings.  Seedlings that have made me stop and look.  Admire and dream of possibilities to come.  Today is December 9, a lucky dozen days to the solstice.  Many more days until spring.  And even a few more days until the first daylily opens in the garden.  I could walk the cold garden and dream.  Pull a few weeds and make sure flags and plant labels will  not blow away with the winter storms.  It has been dark now for a good three hours so perhaps that walk in the garden is out, at least for today.  There is a picture handy.  This one is no seedling.  It is a lavender bloom registered name is John Karl Seager.  This plant grows to a height of 36 inches and has a bloom 6 inches across.  One that has what looks like a yellow splash of paint extending out the petals.

john karl seager

Registered plant or seedling, the dream remains the same.  If I mix this one with its shape and movement, with its splash of paint to something else, then what surprise might we discover and enjoy.  It is possible to walk the garden and imagine blooms new and old and completely unpredicted.