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as i am

the flower is called Just As I Am.   it is a fitting name both for the flower and for the garden too.  it is nice to try to make things how we want them.  or to try.  it does not always happen.  in the case of this flower there are good days.  and there are rough days.  and days that fall somewhere in between.  for that reason i think it drifts to my keep this around so i might come to understand.  nature has its own view of pretty.  and looks with a sometimes very different eye.  we might do well to be quiet and watch.  especially on the rough days.  two images…

just as i am IMG_3029 det 1 just as i am IMG_3029 det 2


More Bubbly Please

It could be New Year’s day.  Though it is not.  And an anniversary it is not ( thanks Yoda ).

It is a couple more daylilies with edges.  Bubbly edges – some say like ‘chicken fat’.

One in peachy shades and another in purple.

 Ed Brown

Just As I Am

So if you like this look enjoy.  If not in a day or two look for another flavor of daylily.

With daylilies comes variety – the spice of life..