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Open Hearth

a flower and its seedling.  this flower is a full bodied bloom.  the petals are full and oval shaped.  can the flower be changed in the next generation ?  the obvious answer is yes.  the question is which direction or directions am i trying to take this flower.  sometimes it can be simple and the results can be direct and fulfilling.  there is no guarantee for such quick results.  So here is a picture of Open Hearth and a link to the other parent Kindly Light.  the simplest description for Kindly Light is a skinny yellow star.  put the two together and what will the new answer be ?  the mathematical answer is on a cosmic scale.  the number of stars begins to define the genetic possibilities.  the way over simplified answer is to put the two parents at opposite ends and put as many composites and permutations as you can imagine between them.  it is a start, oversimplified, still it is a start at realizing the possibilities.  so first Open Hearth and second it skinny seedling.. three images.  enjoy

open hearth det

12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light det

open hearth macro


this flower fits the spider description.  long skinny petals.  it blooms like this all the time.  a star shape – straight – no twists.  the cross is Open Hearth x Kindly Light.  the color pattern of Open Hearth melded to the form of Kindly Light. what is not to like ?  enjoy  three images

12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light 12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light det

12-0619-002  Open Hearth x Kindly Light det macro

a glow for the garden

cross a skinny one with a full bodied one.   repeat again with two different flowers.  now take those two and cross them to each other.  this is what you get.

sf13 12-103(#2) 11-001 Open Hearth x Kindly Light ) x (10-057 Prague Spring x Fol De Rol det

the cross is  Open Hearth x Kindly Light ) x ( Prague Spring x Fol De Rol.  now if you will look into the heart of the glow.  a glow for the garden.

sf13 12-103(#2) 11-001 Open Hearth x Kindly Light ) x (10-057 Prague Spring x Fol De Rol det throat

rock paper scissors

when two plants are brought together a gardener never knows which plant or what aspects of both plants will come out on top when the seed reveals the new plant.  this is a cross of a solid yellow spidery flower, Kindly Light with a red and yellow wide petaled flower, Open Hearth.  Kindly Light harkens from a time when the size of the flower was not recorded.  i would put it in the 9 to 10 inch range (23 -25 cm) compared to the 9 inch size of Open Hearth.  i will let you figure out who won what parts of the contest.  the size of this seedling has not been measured except by eye and is easily in the 10 inch range if not a bit bigger.  enjoy

sf13 12-0619-006 Open Hearth x Kindly Light det

Not just plain yellow

Have I ever mentioned daylilies like an occasional surprise ?  Okay so I have.  And yes we will dwell on that a little bit more tonight.  Kindly Light has been here in my garden for about 8 years.  In all that time it has been plain yellow except for this one time last year.  Why ?  Beats me.  A flower with a name like Kindly Light would not have a wicked sense of humor….. would it ?  It is supposed to be all yellow…

kindly light det w chevrons

Kindly Light – 29 inches high, it was registered before bloom size was recorded.  Approximately a 10 inch bloom.  And just for the one day in 2012 it displayed  this faint red chevron.  It is also one of the parents of yesterday’s flower.  Enjoy !